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JKP Presents: Gamescom 2012, Starring Nik the Unpronounceable: Day 4 – Jump Kick Punch!

JKP Presents: Gamescom 2012, Starring Nik the Unpronounceable: Day 4

August 21, 2012

Hey everyone! Welcome to the last day of Nik the Unpronounceable’s Gamescom previews! You know the drill, so let’s jump right in after the… uh, jump.

So this is the last day of Gamescom and tomorow I’m going home (due to time travel, I’m most likely already home), so I hope I don’t get too drunk and regret it tomorrow ( hint: got wasted), so anyway, here we go!

It’s no big deal, all that happened is when you blacked out you stole Knight Rider. Also, I guess Hasselhoff really *is* big in Germany.

Tried to get into the all the other big named booths, hoping for a shorter line, but no, just as long, so I just decided to go to the not so popular part of the con, the basement.

Oddly enough, these guys were found in the basement. Weird, right?

There was a huge skate park with nobody in it, as they do a show every 30min -1h but nothing I didn’t see at the Tony Hawk booth (missed Tony by an hour thou-_-). But if the real thing isn’t for you, you can always go tho the mini skate park and try your luck with that.

This is the majority of where Ant-man’s Youtube channel is filmed. Tiny, adorable little nut-racking.

Next there were schools that teach you how to make video games…a lot of them, approx.6-7 if I’m correct and every school haveing a diferent strong point. 1 caught my attention with great games and art and that was the most expensive school, but there are 2 schools in germany and a new 1 is opening in Toronto, so I guess people are quite interested in learning how to make games.

Sonic is there as part of the “Scared Straight” program.

Now despite the gokart track and just stupid number of places you could eat, there was also the retro corner where people would play a lot of retro games. Among the people was there a 8bit music producer/DJ (not sure what to call him, but after he finished, he would go outside and play for everybody.

So what else was there….stabyourself.net
Now if you have not heard about them, don’t worry, nobody has, but what they made, milions have played. MariO, the Mario and Portal crossover, Not Tetris, Not Pacman and others and all of the games are free to download at the site. Now I talked to them about how and why these games came to be and the response was, why not, but the most interesting reply I got was about MariO. Somebody on the internet made a fake video of a Mario portal crossover, so Maurice (the programmer) thought, I can make that. Right now they are thinking of making a new game to put on Steam Greenlight and with everything they have made so far, I bet it will be good.

Their next project is a cross between “Journey” and the band Journey. Reportedly, you can play it Any Way You Want It.

Ok so at this time I want back up to check on everything and nothing changed, so I just sat down at the Rambo game booth and hoped for the best. So an hour went by sooooooo slow, but finaly it was my turn to see what was behind the curtain. It was the game…on rails…wohoo….zzzz. Well I got to play it with the Razer motion thing and it was really bad, as you had to hold the thing like the gun at the slight angle and not directly at the TV like with the Wii, so yeah, it’s a rail shooter with really good graphics, destruction, limbs flying everywhere and marketed as Rambo.

Quick Rambo! You only have seconds to shoot the disappointment to their parents!

The last thing I hoped to try was the new Teken Tag 2, but with luck I saw booth babes trying their best to look cool fighting, but it was so bad, so bad….but the DLC preorder bonus got a good giggle out of me.

Oh, I’m having that dream again.

Well that would be it from Gamescom and with any luck, I will go there next year, so till then.

…wait, no. This is that other dream. Next, a shark will show up, but he’s my friend, and it’ll be in my old house.

Nik out!

See you next year!

All right guys! That’s it for this year’s Gamescom coverage. If any of you have a hankering to do something similar, send us an email and we’ll hash it out. We’re taking all comers!

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