Dog vs. Trash Can, who ya got??

With two men MIA, it falls to Brandon, Josh and Harrison to discuss The Dark Knight Rises [beware plentiful spoilers!], the Man of Steel teaser trailer, some fresh-out-of-the-can “Bruce Juice”, Formula 1 kart racing, and the Penny-Arcade ad-busting Kickstarter. Plus, after a brief intermission, Eric returns from exile for a Game of Thrones casting discussion in a new “Tales From the North” and the trio answers a couple of listener emails!

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9 comments on “JKP! Ep.108: A Haunted Basket of Jewels

  1. I vaguely remember some 90s comic book where Peter is talking to MJ and he says something about the spider’s bite giving him some instinctual understanding of spinnerets and sewing. So that extra understanding helped him invent the web shooters and design/sew his costume. Bullshit and after the fact as that explanation is, assuming that is true and he has a seldom mentioned “proportional textile powers of a spider” makes a lot of issues with teenager making webshooters and super designed costumes easier to swallow.

    By the end of DC last September Bane had gone cold turkey off of venom, but he always kept some on him so he would always have to fight the temptation. Now? Who the fuck nows.

    In the movie, the damage Batman did to Bane’s mask wasn’t too sever since Talia could fix it one handed while paying attention to Batman instead of Bane.

    There need to way more Legacy type characters in all of comics. However, as Ultimate Spider-man is currently showing, you put not the expected character under the mask and people struggle to give even 0 fucks.

    As someone who spends a lot of time in the Wal-Mart toy section and Toys R Us the Young Justice toys had the same problem as the Young Justice cartoon. Five lame toys were released and on the back there were pictures of other toys covered in stickers that would read either “Coming Soon” or “February 2012”. Had there been a full launch sales probably would have been better. Of course having all the characters erased or completely redesigned by the comic didn’t strengthen their cross promotional value.

    The Man of Steel trailer could have been a Rambo relaunch right until the end with the Superman chemtrail/sonic boom scene. However, since its Zack Snyder I’d imagine there will be a lot of explosions and gun play. Hopefully, they won’t do much more for the origin than the title card sequence from All-Star Superman.


    • Patrick Jul 25, 2012

      Please find that spiderman panel or sheet because that’s hillarious.

      The problem with justice’s toys are what a bunch of toys coming out today are face specifically action figures, that frankly for the price of less than $10 you can’t get any really cool toys like in the 80’s and 90’s. Granted there are some exceptions like the transformers generation/masterpiece toys that came out in 2004-2008. Couple that wih the fact that these toys have to compete wih videogames and you see that toy companies are somewhat a disenfranchised business model while making the drive to continue an animated series lost in the process. I hate that young justice is gone and it’s almost to the point that you can’t get attached to any animated series because this is bound to happen to any of them no matter the show.


      • I only have vague recollections of where this happened. Either the a hologram covered Spider-man back-up story w/ Bagley art, the Bagley trading card set or Fox cartoon.

        Googling says:
        A comic matching that description is Spider-Man #26.
        Very little can be found of the card set.
        Fox cartoon only mentions the spider bit granting extra knowledge for the creation of web fluid.


    • Brenden Jul 26, 2012

      Disappointed that the title wasn’t “Spock likes ’em big”.


      • Brandon Jul 26, 2012

        …Just gonna’ toss that into this little word doc of t-shirt slogans that will never actually become t-shirts.



  2. Patrick Jul 25, 2012

    Bane is to Batman as Kraven the Hunter is to Spider-man (at least in the comics) He just looks at it as another conquest thats why anytime they fight after Knightfall he constantly reminds Batman “I broke you before!” as if ANYONE would forget their back being broken and being horribly paralyzed/crippled… right Barbara?…


  3. 2 hours? fuck that :D
    we like’em long..or big, as spock would say:D
    oh and that mear mer whatchamacallit, I’m so gonna draw that 1 day=)


  4. Finally went and saw the movie yesterday, so now I can finally listen to this episode!

    The only real problem I had with it was pacing, there was alot of needless build-up, but that last 45 minutes is all excellent.


  5. Brenden Aug 1, 2012

    Did anyone else notice that the music from that superman trailer is from the Lord of the Rings?


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