Brandon is the only one who can walk between both worlds.

Guess who’s back from San Diego’s Comic-Con International! Join Josh, Zack and Harrison as Brandon regales them with tales of mass marketing, celebrity encounters, insufferable fans, toys, games and movies galore! Then, after the break, the group dishes on some of the weekend’s bigger announcements and surprising reveals– including talking outer space raccoons in people clothes! Grab your QR code scanner, hop aboard the hype train, and join the fun.

Hit the jump for this week’s Comic-Con-related videos, some of which Brandon filmed himself!

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15 comments on “JKP! Ep.107: San Diego Pros & Comic-Cons

  1. okies Jul 18, 2012

    I found a sonic screwdriver


  2. To answer the import question, I imported Gundam Side Story for the Sega Dreamcast while I was on my Gundam Wing kick. God that game was cool and also incredibly horrible to control. I would have killed for a second joystick. I also Imported the Japanese PS1 Dragonball Z games. I had no idea what I was doing the whole time. But I loved it.


    • Patrick Jul 18, 2012

      ever play Gundam Battle assault? I got both of those imported and they were great, imagine a 2d fighter with mobile suits from throughout the series.

      Also I imported Shonen Jump All Stars 1 and 2, those are great “brawl” style games on the DS along with the Naruto fighter games from the gamecube (reminiscent of college years) I distinctly remember Brandon playing Taiko drum master a couple of times back then.


  3. hisnamewasfishing Jul 18, 2012



  4. Shadra Jul 19, 2012

    I went to Blizzcon in 2010, and it was a lot of fun! Mostly an older crowd (because those are expensive tickets, for one thing, and the hotels in the area aren’t cheap, either, plus air fare for a lot of folks-- these kinds of things keep the 12 year old crybaby forum wankers out of the event. There might have been an age limit, too, not sure.), everybody was really nice and polite and friendly. It was crowded, there was a lot going on, but no crazy shit or stupid things.

    Also: Corndogs, huh…


  5. Perturbo Jul 19, 2012

    Great job controlling the audio levels guys.

    I second having Harrison learn the way of the potato gun. I would be interesting to see the designs he comes up with.


    • Patrick Jul 19, 2012

      the image of a fat-man mockup that just shoots whole potatoes comes to mind… now I want to build that so freaking bad!


      • Perturbo Jul 20, 2012

        What we need is a picture of “fox Harrison” in sonic style building a massive potato gun.


  6. Maybe I’m missing something, but I really don’t get what you guys think is so outlandish about Rocket Raccoon being in the upcoming movie. Granted that I’m more accustomed to comics and cartoons than your joe-shmoe movie goer, but after the entirety of Thor and the conclusion of The Avengers, I think that disbelief has been adequately suspended for a talking raccoon from outer space.

    I mean, he is an alien, right? I’ve never actually read anything about the Guardians of the Galaxy. If he is kept as the comic relief/goofy character, then I think Ben was right on the money in his comment on the last episode about Rocket Raccoon toys and plushies being big sellers, especially to parents


    • Brandon Jul 20, 2012

      He’s actually a “normal raccoon” that was genetically altered to be bipedal and have human-level intelligence. This wiki lays it all out, and reads even more like a fever dream than most comic character origins:,82714/
      The only thing I’m not personally sure of is whether he’s a “normal raccoon” from space, or one abducted from Earth. (No, that’s not true-- the OTHER thing I’m not sure of is which one of those two concepts would be crazier.) If they’re smart, they’ll ditch all that and just make him a “furry alien thing” and not give it a second thought.

      The gist of my bafflement is that this is on the level of a Metroid x StarFox crossover (pretty directly, actually). People scoffed at those rumors prior to E3 for similar reasons; it’s not a natural fit. That sort of mashup is fine for those already invested in the worlds of comics and video games, but I think average moviegoers who were drawn to Iron Man and curious for Thor or Cap might not catch that same bug here. Those movies had crazy stuff in there, sure, but they were actually pretty toned down and restrained compared to what could have been. RR’s inclusion is the most balls-to-the-wall crazy film decision Marvel’s made yet.

      All of that being said, yes, kids will go bananas and toy sales are going to be crazy-through-the-roof. And I am definitely excited to see Rocket onscreen. I just can’t believe that’s going to be a real thing for real, is all. That’s the real position, honestly, is that it’s hard to believe that Marvel and Disney are actually funding and executing a really-for-real Guardians of the Galaxy movie with no concessions being made for people like my Mother. They could nail it, they could really fuck it up. Either way, it’s nuts that it’s happening. EXCITING and nuts.


      • Patrick Jul 20, 2012

        Rockets going to be great. Everybody’s going to love it. If they have fun with it they can do no wrong.

        To be honest ANY time a comic book hero gets a TV show or a movie I get excited (its that whole “its like they’re real!” thing that you said last episode)

        Its been that way for me when I was 6 watching the Adam West Batman reruns and it will be that way until I die. That being said I would be far more excited for a Flash show or movie than yet another iteration of Superman, if Warner should learn anything from Marvel is that you put the most iconic hero (arguably, lets face it he’s not “our” generations hero he’s our parents) in the last movie if they are shooting for the JLA as their endgame.


        • SaraH Jul 20, 2012

          Be careful what you wish for …


          • Andrew Jul 23, 2012

            I think Josh might be down for that…


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