“Dude, don’t yell. Don’t yell. It’s not worth it.”

Zack and Harrison are hard at work, leaving Brandon, Tom and Josh to spend their time and energy discussing exactly how amazing Amazing Spider-Man is [beware spoilers!] and what wonders might come from a Guardians of the Galaxy movie– with or without Rocket Raccoon. Then, in the second half, the boys discuss the previous weekend’s conflicting gamer conventions, ranging from Evo 2012 in Vegas to Summer of Sonic in Brighton to The Rooster Teeth Expo in Texas, in which Elijah Wood voiced a computer man made of fire. Plus, a listener email and outraged moths!

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14 comments on “JKP! Ep.106: Skeleton Zeppelin Death Laser

  1. holy shit i want to buy my first console in 15 years just to play injustice. that game looks super wicked


    • also, did anyone notice how there were quiet a few things in the spiderman trailer never really show up in the movie? maybe i wasn’t paying as close attention as i should have been during the movie, but i felt the whole thing about Dr. Connor revealing stuff about Peters parents was down played a lot, and i don’t remember him ever actually saying things like “if you want the truth about your parents, peter, come and get it” or “do you think what happened to you peter, was an accident? do you have any idea what you really are?”.

      oh and to respond to Brandon’s comment about the web cartridges, i’m pretty sure he stole a pack on his first walk through Oscorp. just before he got bit. ***also spoiler warning***. spiderman gets bit by a spider. i dunno if it was radio active or anything, but it was definitely getting pelted by some ultraviolet rays (or maybe the spiders were just having a blacklight rave party?)

      sorry that was just part of the massive movie breaking moment for me, when peter just blindly walks into what is obviously a contained sterile testing environment that is clearly not meant for people to be in, and he just starts touching shit. like fuck man, thats just as bad as assuming that the sudden change in mass of your radioactive sand experiment is only due to a couple of birds or some bullshit. seriously! do these people have no concern for safety at all!

      otherwise great film. would definitely see it again. maybe not in theaters.


  2. I agree with Brandon, there’s no way in hell that Rocket Raccoon makes it into the movie version of Guardians of the Galaxy.


    • There will be people fighting hard to include him in the movie. Just think of all the toys dollars they’d miss out on by not being able to make “real” fur Rocket Raccoon pillow pets, slippers, robes, halloween costumes, nerf type guns, etc on top of the normal toy tie-ins.
      Yub yub.


    • Whiskeyjack Jul 14, 2012

      And yet there’s Rocket Racoon front and centre in the SDCC announcement of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Did Brandon make any crazy bet about RR not being in the movie? Can we at least get a hat eaten out of this?


  3. Every time I see my nephew I make a point of telling him with great power comes great responsibility. He is already cutting me off to finish the line before I can. If my plans work out right then years from now he will, without a hint of irony, tell someone what his uncle always told him without catching the humour himself. And then I put on black face and hand him a bowl of rice.

    I hope if I make it to 90 I’m half as active as Stan Lee.

    Josh, you really couldn’t think of a more bottom of the barrel property? New Warriors from that same mid 90’s timeframe(Black skateboarding SWAT armor Batman/Punisher/Wolverine hybrid, Girl-Namor, Superball the superhero, Cripple the intangible, Vance Astro, and Firestar)? Power Pack? Midnight Sons(they could fight the Gun Nuns or the Cycle Nurses)? Alpha or Beta Flight? Band of the Bland? Galactic Guardians(lamer spin-off of the 90s Guardians of the Galaxy)? That’s all Marvel, DC has some equally terrible things.

    I suppose I could send in some more VS scenarios if you’re really hurting for email….


    • Please do. And honestly? Some of the best Spider-man annuals I had as a kid featured the New Warriors. For a small time, I genuinely thought they were awesome. I was wrong, of course. The recent Power Pack comics are great. And the rest of those things I truly didn’t know about.

      No one at any point in history until this recent relaunch has ever thought that the Guardians of the Galaxy were awesome. Regardless, this movie has hope.


  4. Eric Jarman Jul 11, 2012

    I really wish Harrison could have been there for the “Rocket Raccoon” portion of the podcast. I’m sure the “WTF?!” facepalming look on his face would have been priceless.


  5. Some Other Josh Jul 11, 2012

    You see the Ouya console being funded by Kickstarter?


    • The entire point of mobile games is that they’re things you play on the go. That gives them a lot of leeway to be terrible. When you’re sitting at home, most people want to use their TV for something a little more substantial.


      • or not=)
        I see the idea, but don’t really get, how they are going to make games free, but maybe that’s just not understanding the promo video


    • What I don’t like is that games optimized for a small screen are now going to be blown up, 1080p sized. It’s gonna look gross…


  6. Patrick Jul 11, 2012

    Its an interesting concept but I am wondering how much of the pitch video is hype (along the lines of how “hackable” the console truly is. (can it run Meme, snes9x, or mugen) mean its all well and good that it runs on the android market and you can demo an assortment of games for free.


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