Suddenly: The Nintendo Direct Pre-E3 Show is a Thing, is Tomorrow

June 2, 2012

Well, this is certainly interesting.

Nintendo just announced this afternoon (rather unceremoniously via Twitter/Facebook) that they’ll be streaming an unexpected PRE-E3 show tomorrow at 3:00p Pacific time. The show’s focus will be on “the concept behind the Wii U,” which is odd, considering that’s basically all last year’s reveal was.

Perhaps that “concept” has changed? OR: does Nintendo really have so much to show on Tuesday that they needed to release some info early? (If so, this might mean rumors of Ubisoft showing Wii U game footage at their Monday conference are true.) OR: more likely, is this just going to be a white-background talking head piece about “innovation” and “pleasing the core” without any actual information or relevance? OR: unlikely but possible, is this Nintendo’s version of Microsoft’s Cirque-driven, smock-mandatory Kinect reveal clusterfuck?

What do you think, JKPeers? If you want to find out for yourself, bookmark this link and tune in tomorrow afternoon/evening/whenever. Hit the jump to see their tweet and speculate in either direction.

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8 comments on “Suddenly: The Nintendo Direct Pre-E3 Show is a Thing, is Tomorrow

  1. say wha…? an interesting development, but will probably be disapointment along the lines of the Cirque thing and Konami’s pre-recorded showing last year

    also, I think JKPeers ranks up there with the best things i’ve ever seen with my eyes, but I really like puns so that might just be me


    • Brandon Jun 3, 2012

      I cannot tell you how ashamed I am that it took me two and a half years to stumble onto that one.


  2. Patrick Jun 3, 2012

    I don’t think Nintendo knows what “showing the concept behind WiiU” means because that was 30 minutes of nothing new. Way to start off E3 on the right foot, and then slip directly on a banana peel into the trash can Nintendo. Maybe Robo-Monkey Reggie will make me feel better for them on Tuesday.


    • I dunno, I mean that pro controller thing is a nice step up from the “classic controller” right?…right?


      • And the MiiVerse stuff is at the very least “interesting” conceptually.


        • Patrick Jun 4, 2012

          yeah, if only there was a way to chat with my friends, maybe in an online “party” way while playing games… but thats just silly I would rather be content just watching their dumb “waterbaby” looking avatars waddle around a game logo sending me text messages about the game I am currently attempting to play.

          I guess I’m a silly goose like that.


          • That’s always the trouble, isn’t it? They opt for the quirky rather than the applicable…


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