Our E3 2012 Coverage Begins NOW!

June 1, 2012

Oh boy, you guys. Oh boy.

E3 2012 is upon us, and JKP is looking to celebrate as much of it as we can from way back here in the bleachers (which is to say, at home on the internet). I’ve got the week off from my day job, as I’d be entirely unproductive and mostly useless anyway. (Plus, Tom can only withstand a set number of excited IM’s from me during an average workday. This will be a far better outlet.)

Our crew will be tuning in for the Press Conferences starting this Monday and continuing right through to Tuesday. Here’s a rundown of the schedule, with links to where each show will be livestreamed (ALL TIMES ARE PACIFIC):

Monday, June 4th

Tuesday, June 5th


Our Press Conference Reaction Podcast will be recorded Tuesday afternoon/night, then uploaded as swiftly after that as I can manage. That may be late Tuesday evening, it may be Wednesday… I’ll keep you guys posted, for sure.

Beyond that, I’ll be uploading reactions/opinions as I absorb information and linking to any previews and hands-on impressions that tickle my fancy. Josh may do the same. We might even try to get some video content up! Imagine that! And hey, if you dig our background for the week, you can download it by clicking here.

E3 2012! LET’S GET EXCITED, GUYS! Hit the jump to get excited.

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3 comments on “Our E3 2012 Coverage Begins NOW!

  1. I feel like i just had a fever dream…on the internet


  2. Patrick Jun 2, 2012

    ^ Tyler said it first


  3. so many gifs, takeing time from work and the site background is different…tyler, I think we are shareing that dream


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