From Kuberts to Q-Berts, this week’s got it all.

Gather ’round the mixer and mics with Brandon, Josh, Zack and Harrison for rousing discussions on Lollipop Chainsaw’s retail release, some final E3 2012 thoughts, the divided audience of Ridley Scott’s Prometheus (beware spoilers from 0:41:00 – 1:00:00!), the exciting trailer for Wreck It Ralph, and the ups and downs of DC’s first controversial Watchmen prequels. Then, capping off listener emails, is the first official JKP/Halo crossover fanfiction submission– with a twist!

This week’s intermission music: Turtle Dance by Joshua Morse.

Hit the jump for this week’s related videos!

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13 comments on “JKP! Ep.102: Blood & Gravy

  1. Andrew Jun 13, 2012

    Podcast to end all podcasts of the year. I really want to see the episode that tops this one. Immediately ranked as one of my top 5.


  2. This Halo story is my favorite Halo story of ALL TIME.


  3. Tyler Jun 13, 2012

    A whole episode devoted to angry geek stuff? I’m pretty sure you’ve already made 102 of those. BA-ZING!


  4. OK. So last week I didn’t have a favorite episode. This one. The end of this podcast makes this one, the best one for me. Thank you, Fluffy Neko Hime Chan. Thank You.




  6. So can we get rid of listener emails and replace it with FanFiction corner? Because, holy shit, that was amazing.


    • Anonymous Jun 13, 2012

      They going to have to change your theme song…

      Tyler writes creepy fan-fictions,
      at the krowley fiction cornerrrrrrr -eww

      It’s a work in progress XD


      • I laughed inside and thought…sounds about right xD


  7. Emily Jun 13, 2012

    Spoiler alert for the end of the podcast.

    I meant to mention on the show that I didn’t just change the names -- Josh’s character was originally a woman. I kind of wish I’d left in one of the feminine pronouns.


  8. Patrick Jun 13, 2012

    I have a friend playin lollipop chainsaw and he said its a 5 hour game and plays like a dumbed down bayonetta (no guns and no air combos). Fail

    I checked it out and fat drake is a co-op/multiplayer only character but I totally wish you guys would tape zack playing it because from this the dialogue would be hillarious.

    That fan fic was too much! Best radioshow drama ever!


  9. Perturbo Jun 14, 2012

    Holy Frell, please no more snoring in the mic.

    Love to listen, but I really like my eardrums without perforations.



    • Brandon Jun 14, 2012

      Apologies to your eardrums, Perturbo.

      I’ll do what I can. Hard to stifle the enthusiasm of our amateur foley crew, apparently.


      • Perturbo Jun 18, 2012

        Love the amateur foley of the crew, it is just when he did that second snoring riff, it sounded like he was way too close to the mic.


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