Tune in on Monday for JKP’s 100th Episode Livecast!

May 26, 2012


That’s when the LIVE recording of JKP’s 100th Damn Episode will occur on our Twitch.tv account, which you can find here.

We’ll be answering questions from the chat LIVE (obviously), as well as reading off some listener emails and making our pre-E3 press conference predictions.

The regular episode will still be edited and uploaded the following Tuesday evening, and hopefully a full recording of the event will be made available on our Youtube channel, as well. So, if you’re nowhere near a computer or the internet at the time of the show, fear not. You’ll still be able to enjoy the festivities… just later than everyone else.

Anyway. Spread the word, tell ya’ friends, and start testing that wifi signal from the barbeque pit. It’s gonna be a good one, folks.

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13 comments on “Tune in on Monday for JKP’s 100th Episode Livecast!

  1. Watch it I shall


    • turns out I will be at the airport where there will be no f***ing free internet so sorry ;(


      • I hereby take back that “like” i gave you, sir


      • Brandon May 27, 2012



        • Billy May 27, 2012

          I would take this opportunity to appoint Brandon as Leonardo, but I think the following would be a better fit for the rest of the crew:

          Brandon -> Splinter
          Tom -> Leonardo
          Josh -> Donatello
          Harrison -> Raphael
          Zack -> Michelangelo


          • Shadra May 27, 2012

            Uhhh, Donatello is the smart one that invents stuff, Raphael is the grouchy guy. Let’s swap those.


          • Brandon May 27, 2012

            An argument could be made in either direction, in terms of hostility/sarcasm and engineer/nerd. Either way.


          • Patrick May 27, 2012

            I could see Brandon as Splinter because for the podcasts sake he did teach them to be a ninja team (he’s a radical rat) XD

            So Leonardo leads and I guess aside from Brandon it would be Tom since he is the 1st mate

            Donatello does machines (they never specified what he “does” but he does them)… Josh? / P.S. Thats a fact jack!

            I think Harrison/Josh are perfect fits for Raphael because hey, they are cool but rude

            Zack seems like a pardy dude

            there you go now fit them in the theme and we have a new hit song.


  2. Jon aka Talby the British guy May 28, 2012

    Thanks guys!


  3. in a nutshell


    • Brittany May 28, 2012

      I still want the 100 Episode highlights ;]


      • so you want every second of the episode highlighted :D


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