It’s Care-Dudes vs. Belly-Bros in the final stretch towards episode 100!

Let Brandon, Tom, Zack, Josh and “The Krix Machine” serenade you with discussions about Nintendo’s revised controller leak and the intensity of industry NDA’s, DC and Marvel’s latest, exploitative grabs at mainstream media attention, and some quick Diablo 3 impressions. Then, after the break, Zack shares his mune-mune, doki-doki adventures in the extremely Japanese Hyperdimension Neptunia before suddenly hijacking the driver’s seat for some listener emails!

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12 comments on “JKP! Ep.99: Here Comes F***** Bear

  1. Andrew May 24, 2012

    Dunno if anyone else has seen the new futurama commercials, but it seemed like a subject you guys would discuss. I’m sure you have seen the fry meme where he is squinting and caption reads “not sure if … Or … ” which the latest futurama commercial basically is just that. Fry’s squinting face and on top reads not sure if excited or hungry about new futurama. It something of the like.


  2. Speaking of alternative lifestyles, shoehorning existing characters into those lifestyles and the terribleness of the Legion of Super Heroes; Back in the early 90s Shvaughn Erin, a decades old supporting character/love interest for Element Lad with, reveal that she was born Sean Erin and only was female due to constantly taking a drug called Profem. However, DC has had at least 2 reboots(and more Legion only reboots/time travel shenanigans) since then so that story probable is less canonical than the average What if/Elseworlds.

    Ch’p seems to be partly inspired by the red squirrel, and has several chipmunk like qualities. So Ch’p fills a minority slot(Indian), and an interracial/interspecial slot. Jon Stewart just filled an angry black man stereotype slot. Ch’p was a better get diversity wise.


    • Brandon May 24, 2012

      Until Ch’p returns as a ghost and proposes to his transgendered human boyfriend, forming the first interspecies alien mixed-paranormal gay marriage, it’s just not enough. Step it up and broaden those horizons, DC Comics.


  3. Perturbo May 24, 2012

    I can’t wait to hear you tell Harrison about Rocket Racoon, and Cosmo.


  4. Tyler May 24, 2012

    The intermission music is from Pikachu Bikini, right? I’d recognize it anywhere.


  5. Tyler May 24, 2012

    P.S. Damn, Tom was on point this week. He was a one-liner machine.


  6. Anybody going to the london comic con tomorrow?:)


  7. So I totally made this up on my own. Yup. Complete coincidence that Tom asked for it…

    Also, I put Betty White in it. For Brandon. You’re welcome, Brandon


  8. Patrick May 24, 2012

    Lego Hunger Games on the wiiU!

    In regards to the Marvel DC story, I have 3 words for you: Spider-man Obama Comic. They are just trying to rope in some BS to get people to buy their comics, Oh and my guess is Martian Manhunter is going to come out.

    I really wish I could see zack play Neptunia, Inafune is apperantly a playable character in the sequel. I got Catherine when it released and thought it was alright but not near Persona. (which im playing the first Persona on my PSP as I post this)


    • Don’t get Zack started on the Obama issue. Working at the biggest comic shop in Atlanta, it was basically his life for months.


      • Patrick May 26, 2012

        oh I remember from past episodes about how the owner thought it was the hottest thing since civil war.

        Its not like Marvel and DC just try to sell a popular product just to make money… right?


  9. SaraH May 25, 2012

    On a related Diablo note, there is a mini dungeon called ‘The Foul Lair’ which is full of chickens, where you fight greasy pigs…

    Take from that what you will


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