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JKP! Ep.98: Humor Bending – Jump Kick Punch!

Isn’t this just beautiful music?

This week’s podcast finds Brandon, Tom, Josh and Harrison shrugging heavily at the recently-announced Elder Scrolls Online MMO and frowning sadly at Bioshock Infinite’s push back into 2013. Then, after intermission, Harrison and Brandon recall an evening at the Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses live concert and the gang answers some listener emails!

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14 comments on “JKP! Ep.98: Humor Bending

  1. How entry into Chuck E Cheese works(locally):
    You are stopped at the door by a bored teenager with a UV stamp. The child gets stamped and all persons accompanying the child get matching stamps. When you try to leave with a child that same bored teenage check to make sue child and adult’s stamps match. I’ve seen people without children admitted, but it was to attend a birthday party so they may have shown invitation or been name dropping. Keep in mind that the place has changed greatly since our childhoods. Gone are the ball pits, the animatronic band and the great arcades. The ball pits have been replaced with McDonald’s playland type climb and slide things, the band relegated to short birthday performances only and arcades are 80% redeemable ticket machines 15% simulation and gimmick machines and 5% deer hunter/time crisis type shooters. And the beer is almost undrinkable. If all that does not dissuade you, I might be persuaded to rent out the child some afternoon.


    • Andrew May 16, 2012

      I think that was the most depressing post I have ever read. Just each word continues to just make the reader sad. Never thought chuck e cheese was that cool of a place but now it sounds like a step above a concentration camp. Well done Ben you ruined a child hood establishment for everyone.


      • Patrick May 16, 2012

        Episode 100 after party!

        “Tragedy today…”

        Apperantly Harrison is the fox from persona 4 yip yip


  2. Patrick May 17, 2012

    From what I read either last week or he week before is that bioshock infinite is confirmed for multiplayer (why I do not know)

    Max Payne 3 came out this week and it also has a multiplayer from what I hear it is an update version of strangleholds multiplayer but actually works and is somewhat fun.


  3. I would watch a livestream for episode 100, but that probably goes without saying…

    Also, I’m sure that merchandise is nowhere in the near future for JKP, but i’d throw down money for a “Jetpack, Sunglasses” t-shirt designed by you guys.


    • Brandon May 17, 2012

      If I had the chance to do this all over again…. I would probably name our show “Sunglasses/Jetpack”.


    • Patrick May 17, 2012

      I 2nd the livestream, also Brandon how is sonic 4 episode 2?


  4. Billy May 17, 2012

    -- I’d love to sit in on the Livestream somehow.
    -- Have you guys ever read the Trigun manga series? It’s pretty fantastic. Awesome gunfights, character development, and an ending that doesn’t suck.
    -- Harrison, where are you going in Louisiana? If you ever pass through Lafayette, you should stop by my mother’s Thai restaurant (http://www.thaicuisinellc.com/). Ask for Yai and tell her Billy sent you.
    -- I forgot what I was going to add.


  5. i wanna see a live show~ :3


  6. Andrew May 18, 2012

    Live show wooo if its the weekend can I join in and it can finally be a one piece podcast? Although I guess that would exclude tom and Harrison T_T




      • Patrick May 18, 2012

        oh hey Tom if you havent seen this check it out.

        Video Game High School


  7. Killing me with the jokes here xD
    Btw, The dream part. When Im tired or just about to wake up, I dream abor talking with someone and that is the moment I decide, if I say something and wake up or be quiet and hope to fall back asleep.

    Completly unrelated, but is anyone going to the London Comic con this week?
    Oh and Nick Cage is a amazing artist


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