One. Hundred. Episodes.

In this week of weeks, the JKP crew rallies together for their first LIVE recording in celebration of the show’s 100th episode.

Three hours. Live Q&A. Listener emails. Surprises. Revelations. Totally gross emotions. Brandon. Tom. Josh. Zack. Harrison. And viewers like you.

Hit the jump for our 100th Episode’s related videos and images!

[vsw id=”-M2Rg9a0i0I” source=”youtube” width=”640″ height=”390″]

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8 comments on “JKP! Ep.100: Better Content or Die Already!

  1. Congrats, fellas! Incredible intro/outro, ladies (I’d soooo listen to that podcast)!


  2. Andrew May 30, 2012

    I think you grabbed the wrong one piece opening. Try we are. Much more fitting considering zack sings it in the episode.


  3. Perturbo May 30, 2012

    Rule 63 introduction ….


  4. Billy May 30, 2012

    That opening was spot on and hilarious.


    • When “Jess” said “I’ve got nothin’, I’ve played diablo III all week” I was like “HEY” then I was like “That’s true though” and then I went “Wait, that’s also true for ‘Jess’ as well”.


  5. Tyler May 30, 2012

    I’d say this easily falls under the category of “better content”


  6. Patrick May 30, 2012

    Best livestream event ever.

    and now for all the D3 players I give you this vid.

    watch it and start reading the comments XD


    • Andrew May 31, 2012

      I think the little crying in terror is pretty appropriate to some of the mobs in d3 also he sure pulled a hell of a lot of them.


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