JKP Presents: The London Comic Con, Starring Nik The Unpronounceable

May 27, 2012

As all of our fans know, our fans are the best in the world. Recently, Nik Maiererir…Mairrirerier… Nik the Unpronounceable went to the London Comic Con, wrote up some impressions and took some pictures so that the experience might be shared with us, and by proxy, you.

Presented herein is Nik’s commentary on day one of the event, with much stupider commentary on the pictures by yours truly.

“The first day was a sneak peek/silent day, where you could actually see who is going to be at the convention, where, how long, and you can pretty much see the main things that you would want to try, such as Tekken Tag 2, Colonial Marines, Lollipop Chainsaw and so on, since there are no ques. This is the day that only the die hard people are here, or the smart ones, as the next 2 days anything and everything will be impossible to do.”

We hope so, otherwise this picture is sadder than Eric Stoltz being passed over at yet another audition and crying himself to sleep.

“The convention centre in comparison to GamesCom, is 1/5th the size, which could be the reason its so packed and that this also takes place in October the same year.”

On the plus side, you guys have the biggest, bronzest Industrial Era cosplayers I've ever seen.

“From a view point of a convention, this more looks like a open market, with a cosplay and comic twist, since half of the show floor are stores selling from swords, to whole costumes and even milk (crazy asians).”

Before you go "Hey Nik, that's kind of culturally insensitive", this is a picture of the milk the Asians were selling.

“The other “half” are artists from various well known comics, not so well known internet artists and even internationally famous people, and all act so differently. Some give posters for free, others dont want their face on the internet and just stare at you, and others charge £25 for an autograph ….and you are not allowd to take pictures of them, if you are not in que, now that is fan service. More on that in day 2.”

Although if you're quick, you can snap a picture of the cast of CATS. As a quick aside, you guys do actually know what "comics" are over there in the UK, right?

“As of now, it seems that the convention is not going to have many visitors, but all that will change tomorrow.”

It doesn't matter. You already have Incredible Robot Soldier, Homely Sailor Scout, Pink Girl Sitting In The Hallway, and Hipster Stan. Your con experience is complete.

“Right now, the costumes range from the classic Stormtrooper, Pikachu pajamas and free hugs, where they have no costume, goth outfit or something you would never give a hug… like a creeper asking for hugsssssssssssss.”

Here's Nik getting his picture taken with Deadpool.

Thanks Nik! We look forward to your coverage of the rest of the con. Thanks for doing this, from all of us at JKP!

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5 comments on “JKP Presents: The London Comic Con, Starring Nik The Unpronounceable

  1. andrew May 27, 2012

    That poor eldar looks like a fat lego man reject. Only made worse by chubby dead pool joining him.


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