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JKP! Ep.91: The Stankonian Manuscripts – Jump Kick Punch!

May the podcast be ever in your favor.

This week’s extra beefy episode features Brandon, Zack, Tom, Josh and Harrison discussing such topics as Indie Game the Movie, the art style of 8-bit, and more insane comic book treasures. Then, in an extra special second hour, Brandon and Harrison are joined by recurring guest speakers Heidi and Emily for an in-depth analysis of the record-breaking Hunger Games film (beware spoilers!). And, bringing up the rear, is one of our longest listener email segments to date covering everything fron Michael Bay’s Ninja Turtles to Diablo 3 to hypothetical animal uprisings! Three hours is the new two hours! Jump on in here and join the fun.**

**Fun not guaranteed.

Hit the jump for this week’s related videos and images and stuff and nonsense.

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Karl’s Gamasutra Link from Listener Emails: 


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31 comments on “JKP! Ep.91: The Stankonian Manuscripts

  1. seeing that indie game the movie will not come to EU, I’l skip part of the podcast, untill I see it, the hunger games, same thing, so that leaves me with listener emails…yey, at least that segment is long today=)


    • Brandon Mar 28, 2012

      If you’re worried at all about spoilers for Indie Game The Movie, don’t worry-- the movie has little to nothing to spoil.

      The majority of the entertainment comes from hearing their commentary and watching them twist and turn through these specific moments of their own development process, which is something we can’t really spoil.


  2. Harrison is obviously Venus DeMilo.


  3. andrew Mar 28, 2012

    I’m guessing the intermission song is TMNT anyone of them


    • Brandon Mar 28, 2012

      Nope! Good shot in the dark, though.


      • Andrew Mar 29, 2012

        Braid/fez or kid chameleon


        • If you’re going to play it as a numbers game then just copy and paste the GameFAQs catalogue. I’d be willing to bet 1 American dollar that the music source is on that list.


          • or set the prize as just 1 USD this time:D


  4. Patrick Mar 28, 2012

    Since my current job is mostly spent infront of a computer changing minute things in a program this makes for the best thing to listen to the point that sometimes on new episode I just pull out a paper and list out comments I want to make here (hence the long comments at times… sorry)

    Here’s this weeks:

    Kid chameleon would make an amazing new game, I think that if they went with the while idea of a character jumping into different games along with the attributing mechanics it would be hard integrating but would pay off immensely.

    When braid came out I was back in college for sound and was bombarded with pretentious game design students that wouldn’t stop talking about how it was the new greatest game ever, how the visuals and narration was “innovative” (game seller buzz word) and how the mechanics were amazing. At a party I played 2 levels of the game with these frothing fanboys on my back and essentially said “this game isn’t new, in fact it’s a concept and game mechanic that has been around almost as long as the platformer was introduced as a game. I have yet to buy the game on that moral alone although I do agree it is a good game.

    I think that if you ever wanted to make a game that is interesting and insanely hillarious you would only have to turn to Zach and make him write something out. Sadly it would probably mean you would have to lock him away in a windowless room and feed him comics and porn until he finished it.

    Rpg maker is why we have games like Charles Barkely shut up and jam. To which I say thank you Japan.

    I would like to thank you guys for talking about hunger games (specifically Heidi and Emily) You really gave me a reason to check it out because I was about to right it off as another BR clone.

    Mainframe made reboot and TF Beast wars. They are awesome and the citizen characters were binary, the reason they were wacky is because it was a kid show. I think it would be awesome if they brought it back.

    That is all for now


  5. Great Podcast this week, I really enjoyed The Hungers Games analysis. You guys should review more movies this spring/summer.


  6. I would just like to add to the indie game thing.

    I think this applys to every game mode these days, that graphics are so good, that games these days are or should be more focused on style and feel of the game, to make them different (COD and BF to make thing simple).

    Now makeing a game 8 bit styled is as difficult as any other, just in a different way. Im in the planing stages of makeing a game that is a side scroller and has NES colors and makeing the JKP logo is a practice run, as well other things that are on my facebook in that album (and will be in the future), but the problem is simple and you pointed it out. This was back then not a style, but the only way to do it with the tech limits, but by todays standards, 8 bit is almost anything where you can clearly see as pixel, even thou the color scheme is a modern one. Reproducing something that was created that way is at least for me difficult, as there are little details as character size that nobody notices, but knows if something is wrong.

    Oh and fun fact, the NES has about 52 colors, where 8 are black, a whole lot of blue, which is giveing me a hard time makeing stuff look good=)


    • Patrick Mar 29, 2012

      Egoraptor talked a little about the color limitations of the NES in the castlevania episode.


    • There is still a place for the sidescrolling platformer as a genre. There are those that are built around the nostalgia of the “aesthetic” of 8-bit (and even 16-bit lately), but there are also people like Team Meat that are simply inspired their predecessors and go on to improve the formula, rather than try to recaptuer it.

      Super Meat Boy isn’t a great game because of it’s visuals, it is because of the intensity of the control, the mechanics presented by swapping characters, the precision required to play it successfully, and the rush of finally conquering it’s more challenging levels.

      I think the same can be said about games like Rayman Origins or even Sonic Generations. It’s not solely about running from left to right and looking at the pretty cartoon world, It’s about keeping up your momentum and precision of play while still exploring all the nooks and cranny’s of the level layout. That’s how I feel about platformers, anyway. I’d like to think people that are passionate about designing them would agree.


      • I think super meat boy is a great game because od the visual style, simple controls,gameplay and the fact that it’s tough. I didn’t expect to like that last part, but dang, 1 of my fave games of all time…also the binding of Issac…genius:D


        • brandon, can you delete this post, it slipped=)


          • Yes, beg your overlord’s favor. But know this, in return he will at some point ask a favor of you and you will not deny him whatever he asks.


          • he still hasen’t edited the GamesCom video from last year and this year’s is not that far off =)


      • I see your point and you are definitely right. I wasn’t a gamer till the PS2 era, so for me nostalgia has little to do with things (except mario =) , but the artist side of me loves that 8/16 bit feel, but as simple as picking up an older console, I would like to see some fresh looking true 8/16 bit game style…so maybe thats just me=)
        Now I think super meat boy is a great game because od the visual style, simple controls,gameplay and the fact that it’s tough. I didn’t expect to like that last part, but dang, 1 of my fave games of all time…also the binding of Issac…genius:D


      • Another example of a great “modern” platformer, in my opinion, is ‘Splosion Man. Didn’t have to rely on 8 bit visuals to be awesome and still fit the “indie” bill, just had to have the appropriate scope and a great gameplay mechanic.


        • want to play it, but no console (RROD) =(


          • Patrick Mar 31, 2012

            D: oh noes!

            More stuff on the indie front

            Fez comes out the 13th of April, Offspring fling (for the Egoraptor fans links on the bottom) has come out, and skullgirls is coming soon!


  7. Also, the song this week is literally driving me insane. I can’t believe that I can’t remember where it’s from, it’s been on the tip of my tongue since the episode came out.

    kudos, Brandon


  8. Shadra Mar 31, 2012

    The Hunger Games discussion has made me acquire the books to read, and then I will see the movie! When I have time. For either thing.

    The Indie Games segment has inspired a lot of conversation between me and my friend, most of which revolved around PC gaming and the broad variety of game styles (not only visual, but exploration/playstyle/narrative) that were explored from the 80, 90s, and 2000s before it seemed to slip behind console gaming in terms of attention, funding, and development and became the home of MMOs. There are some games from Funcom that I apparently need to check out (Longest Journey and Dreamfall), and the Isle of Ester game that just came out apparently should be right up my alley in terms of ‘nontraditional gamestyle that I would personally enjoy’.

    I linked you, Brandon, some of the Mass Effect 3 music to have a listen to. I’d love to hear a discussion sometime among you guys about game soundtracks (especially since you’ve been playing Kid Icarus and love the soundtrack) in general.

    In other game-esque news that nobody on the actual podcast cares about, Mists of Pandaria non-NDA beta invites are going out and I has one. Ohhhh boy.


  9. Morris Apr 2, 2012

    When is the next podcast gonna drop? I’m getting antsy for some more JKP :)


    • Shadra Apr 3, 2012

      According to their usual schedule, either late Tuesday night or sometime on Wednesday!


      • Patrick Apr 3, 2012

        yeah you got it. It sounds like they record Monday, Brandon edits it on Tuesday, and they either upload later that night or on Wednesday morning.


  10. Brittany Apr 9, 2012

    Thanks for the reassurance on the Ninja Turtle movie. I admit I panicked when I first heard about it. I’m still gonna be wary for it though… Oo;;


  11. Marxstone Apr 9, 2012

    So I am offended by the fact that Joshua called Outkast a terrible band!


  12. Marxstone Apr 10, 2012

    I also want to include the Micheal Bay is not directing the new Turtles movie but is the producer, it is a big difference. Also Bad Boy 1 and 2 are good fun movies, Along with the shittyness of Armeggedon it still was a fun ride.


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