Shepards, spartans, and sexy Ben Franklins? Quite a week.

Masses are affected rather cautiously in this week’s spoiler-free Mass Effect 3 discussion, wherein Brandon, Tom, Josh and Harrison share overall thoughts and opinions from various stages of progression. Topics include: quarian comforting techniques, Freddie Space Junior, and how to choose your sexual partner by a ratio of pineapple-to-Batman. Then, after some quick GDC talk relating to Halo 4 and Assassin’s Creed 3, Zack joins the table for a big heaping pile of listener emails! (Seriously, we get through a lot of them.)

Hit the jump for this week’s related videos!

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32 comments on “JKP! Ep.89: The Safety’s On

  1. Patrick Mar 13, 2012

    I only caught the break chat while it was downloading on my phone and I am so EXCITED!

    can I guess or is it still too early for me.. because I totally know it!


  2. I started to play ME2, played it maybe half way, stopped due to low ammo and not being able to pass the level….put it on hold for year, then beat it and formated my pc, but then a few weeks later I read that the save file will be used in ME3 and I just went fuck :)
    now I haven’t played any of the DLC, but hearing what happens(hope it’s a joke), I can’t wait to find out how it happens.
    Now about the portret of me, I sent you an email about that, just so you know.


    • Anonymous Mar 14, 2012

      I played all 3 on my Xbox and the save files from ME2 somehow ended up getting corrupted, what I have ended up doing is recovering my ME1 files and imported them back into ME2. So I get to have 3 experiences of ME3: 1) playin like I am a brand new person to the franchise and making the decision I would make as Shepard 2) replaying ME2 and then ME3 as both paragon and renegade so I can see all the parts that are brought in from the previous games. If this was any other franchise I would have said fuck it but I am such a fan.

      Also you can play ME2 without playing ME1 in Xbox because they added genesis (the decision based comic they made for ps3) sadly they haven’t made one for ME3 yet


      • yeah I’m gonna replay my ME2 like I did the first time…half of the team died then ME3 and then ME3 without the previous games, but yeah…if this wasn’t mass effect,I would never want to finish the game multiple times=)


    • Brandon Mar 14, 2012

      We did get that email, Nik! No worries. We’ve got something special happening.


    • also my gun story…my dad is a hunter and he had guns everywhere in the house, so handeling like a pro these days=)
      1 day I went to the range with my dad and while fireing, a shell landed on my hand. took a few seconds to react and by that time I noticed it, the shell burned my hand and that kind of twitch and scream is never good in a besement full of people shooting. next time, I had eye protection due to new rules and that was the first time I wore those plastic galsses and acid from the bullet that I shot, sneaked through a 1 mm crack below the eyebrows and into my eye…hurt like hell for a few seconds, but am lucky to not go blind on that eye. but the most wtf time was when I was shooting a rifle at rocks we set up, which were at quite the range. while I was aiming I shot 4 out of 5 , using 14 rounds and then I just said fuck it. last round in the chamber, I just aim from the hip, shot and hit the last rock…jaw dropped!

      also,+1 on harrison running the podcast


      • Brandon Mar 14, 2012

        Nik, I think that makes you our “last starfighter,” should Earth ever be invaded by small stacks of rocks.

        Also, glad you didn’t go blind. My goodness.


      • Billy Mar 14, 2012

        The first time I went to a shooting range (I was about 17 or 18), my friends rented a huge magnum to shoot.

        “Dude, Billy, we know you’re strong, but for the love of god grip the handle as if your life depends on it.”
        “No problem! I got this.”

        The kickback was so strong that my arms flew back and the hammer of the gum grazed the top of my head. I did everything to put the gun down as softly as I could while pain was shooting through my head (no puns intended) and blood leaking down my face. My friends and the employees were too busy laughing their asses off.


        • take away the head pain and I know the feeling…a 375 magnum sure knows how to say hello to your face =)


      • Patrick Mar 14, 2012

        When I went back to Scad for sound I spent some time with a couple of friends at the range, at a couple of them they carry automatic weapons but the condition of the guns is shady. My friend and I went one day to use a M1928A1 Thompson and a Glock 18

        1) the Thompson wasn’t reassembled after cleaning last correctly and the semi to full auto latch wasn’t installed right so it made for an interesting experience. I did get 2 in the 10 ring before it looked like a scene from looney toons.

        2) my friend tested out the Glock and didn’t take my advice about the kick when switched to auto. suffice to say he got one on taget, one on the target line cutting it down, and the last one went through the ceiling of the indoor range. To which i noticed there were a lot of previos holes there

        (Brandon: check out goupon if Heidi wants to go to the range, they tend to have a deal up once and a while)


        • Perturbo Mar 16, 2012

          The thompson (if it is the classic WW2/tommy gun) always pulls high and to the right. So to correct aim low and left and fire a burst through the target.

          Sorry, it was not put together well. I hope it did not sour the experiance.

          I have heard tales of female police officers catching a “hot empty” between the “girls”, and freaking out actualy discharging the weapon.


  3. Anonymous Mar 14, 2012

    “I don’t think it is so much diplomatic/asshole as it is diplomatic/facts…”

    …said the asshole.


  4. Hopefully the postmortem on ME3 isn’t too far off, because I recently heard a theory that improved the ending in my opinion, and I’d like to hear Josh’s thoughts on it…it’s just unfortunate that it took a fan theory to make the ending better.


    • That theory does improve things quite a bit(assuming we are speaking of the only slightly credible theory I’ve seen). However, another rumour I’ve seen is that there is some free DLC in the pipes that adds the “real” ending that was pulled from the game as retribution for the script leak.


  5. Patrick Mar 15, 2012

    Kind of surprised you guys haven’t said anything about Brave since the new trailer came out earlier this week. Looks so good!


  6. Perturbo Mar 15, 2012

    I am currently in the middle of ME3 on Ronnoch.

    Things to discuss about ME3 in future epp:
    Male Shep and Vega
    The emptiness of the ship.
    EDI and Joker
    Scarcity of the collectors edition

    Thoughts on the multiplayer
    the pack system and paying real money for it


    • Brandon Mar 16, 2012

      Good topics! I’ll be sure to bring these up when we get to another Me3 episode.


  7. I know you guys are fans of Giant Bomb as well (at least Brandon and Tom), so I hope you find at least a little time next week to talk about the crazy announcement today.


    • Brandon Mar 15, 2012

      Nooooo kidding. Currently catching up and following the events with GREAT interest. My word.


  8. Shadra Mar 16, 2012

    Hey guys!

    I dunno when you guys will have time, those who have ME3, but I want to hear your thoughts on the multiplayer experience. I’ve been playing it with some friends and I’m having a LOT of fun. For something that seems almost ‘thrown in just because’ and not having too much story to it, it feels pretty clean gameplay wise and challenging/fun overall.

    Also, Harrison, I want to know what decision you made in ME1 that had such a big effect in 3 that you didn’t specify. Let me know sometime! I’m going to do a playthrough without any save data from either game to see how that differs as an experience.

    As a side note, Josh, you -need- to speak louder or get closer to the mic or something :( I listen to the podcast on my highway commute and most of the time, even with the volume turned as high as it will go in my car, I can’t hear what you’re saying over the sound of, y’know, driving.

    Otherwise, great episode as always! Oh, and-- I like the idea of everybody running the podcast at least once in a month. So that’s one vote for Zack, Harrison, Tom, and Josh. Tally ’em up!



    • Andrew Mar 16, 2012

      I concur with the idea of everyone should each run an episode.


    • Patrick Mar 16, 2012

      The multiplayer is a bunch of fun even though for the most part it’s a bit of a clone of Gears horde mode. Some people are more annoyed with the fact that it has an impact on the single players ending to which I honestly think its a great way to solidify that these teams in MP are actually in the world fighting opposing factions a putting something of a story element to a mode of gameplay that never gets a story. Thinking of other games that have tried adding MP (Bioshock 2 and Riddick 2 come to mind) and it always ended up being more of something they wasted in game assets to do and weren’t that great.

      Also put another vote up for the guys hosting one. I listened to the Z episode and could not stop laughing.


  9. Emily Mar 19, 2012

    I think you guys misunderstood the idea about Vega being there to “explain” the universe. He is not there to literally explain it- he is there as a surrogate who will say “WTF?” about various aspects of the universe because it wouldn’t make sense for Shepard to be uninformed about most stuff there.
    I’m not saying he did a good job, or even that he didn’t, because we’re not using him at all. But that is a common writing tool, to have a character that needs things explained to them so that the new reader can benefit from the explanation.


    • I also think that his role is lessened for those who have imported data, for obvious reasons.

      I didn’t test this, but I assume that they don’t bother having him “explain” things to players that have played the previous games.


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