If friendship is magic, then we’re sort of like grumpy wizards.

Trailer talk abounds this week as Brandon and Harrison are eventually joined by Josh and Tom for some gushing over the new Mass Effect 3 live-action trailer (featuring gun replicas created by some crazy outfit named Volpin Props), excitement for Borderlands 2, some further Batman: Arkham City thoughts, and an attempt at a more educated dissection of the oddity that is the fanbase for My little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Plus, a very Playstation Vita-ful installment of Eric’s Tales From the North and a bevy of listener emails!

Hit the jump for this week’s impressive array of related videos!

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32 comments on “JKP! Ep.87: The Dignity Wall

  1. I think the character in the Burgundy outfit in the Borderlands 2 trailer is Patricia Tannis.


    • Oh, you’re totally right! Duh. Thank you, Alex.

      Her audio diaries were one of my favorite parts of the last game, hopefully there’s something similar in the sequel.


  2. I have a 5 year old daughter, as such I get subjected to a lot of awful “for kids” programming. This version of My Little Pony is one of the better shows she watches; I’d even say it is currently the best written and looking for kids cartoon at the moment. The show itself deserves a lot of praise because unlike some other shows she enjoys it doesn’t make me want to gouge my eyes out. Much like Sailor Moon, there is very little on TV like it, especially given its target audience. It is consistent in the “rules” it sets up, how the characters act, and actually has a very slight story arc that it carries out over the course of its seasons; these are things that most 22 minute commercials don’t bother with. It isn’t high brow entertainment, but it isn’t supposed to be.
    I’d rather have these slightly maladjusted individuals latch onto Ponys than become Goth/Emo/Hipster douches; at least then they’ll seem generally happy.


  3. Andrew Feb 29, 2012

    Radical dreamers or radical Rex for the snes/genesis


  4. Andrew Feb 29, 2012

    Megaman X and darkstalkers are two series I would kill for a sequel for. Megaman X like 1-6 though not like 7 and 8. I was hopeful since megaman 9 and 10 were released, but with no more inefune no more megaman.


    • Patrick Feb 29, 2012

      no Keiji Inafune, no megaman. Sorry and I said this in the Tim Schafer aftermath but if Inafune got on Kickstarted and said he wanted to make a game (it could be ANY game) people would go nuts. I would bet money that even Josh would jump on that.


  5. just so you know, the original metroid creator died years ago around the time of the nes/snes.
    also, if the episode is just about you guys getting drunk and laughing at fart jokes, as long as harrison is the dicktator(lol pun) in the episdode, I don’t care what it’s about=)


    • also, I sequel I would love would be evil genius 2, but killed, I would like Medal of honor…
      on the other note, the intermision music is from TMNT Radical Rescue, lucky enough the TMNS games on the gameboy had a distinct feel to the music, which I loved.
      Also the radical part hardly gave anything away for me :D


      • WINNER! Man, I didn’t think anyone would get it right away. Good job.

        We’ll announce your prize during next week’s show, Nik!


        • TMNT anything counts as obscure?


        • Anonymous Feb 29, 2012

          I would have guessed that it would be a tmnt title with radical as the hint. Congrats!


    • You’re right, I’m incorrect when I say “creator.” I’m talking about the younger designer, Yoshio Sakamoto who WORKED on Metroid and eventually took the helm for “Other M” under the banner of “one of the original creators” which is a something marketing probably hoisted up and waved around out of desperation.

      Thanks for pointing that out, Nik.


  6. Patrick Feb 29, 2012

    To start, sorry that this is probably going to be another big comment. Lots of things to talk about (mostly Vita)

    1) Im seriously excited about the prize I won, even if its scraps I’m a fan so im cool with that. :D

    2) Been playing a bunch of the ME3 multiplayer demo and the adept has been renamed by my friends as the dubstep mage (namely because of shockwave or “wubwub cannon”)

    3) For the longest time and will remain this way till my end, Kevin Conroy IS the voice of Batman. If he ever does finally stop being the voice I will just imagine in my brain (the same way I do when reading the comics) that he is voicing the role.

    4) This mostly about Erics segment which I really enjoy (He’s got the touch, He’s got the power!)

    I really was debating upgrading from the PSP to the Vita last week and although would like to take full advantage of the impending price cut of specific UMD’s like Lunar and Persona 2/3 heres my things about it. I do agree with Eric on the homescreen and the UI being an IOS rip off especially with the silly game buttons looking like literal buttons on a screen immediately making the touch screen less of a new gaming concept and more of a dumb gimmick to hook sales. PSN has announced that in future updates they will open the PS1 store to the Vita which is good because by then I might be swayed to try it out and transfer my RE2, Vagrant Story, and import version of Megaman 2 also they are talking about adding certain PS3 titles to the Vita (Disgaea 3 is confirmed and Persona 4 is confirmed for Japan) I did demo it at the nearest gamestop and although the touchpad wasn’t too amazing with the exception of the squash and stretch feature with Katamari, it does have potential. My big question is that is it really worth it for a potential new gadget/headache, given I have no intention of getting a PS3 or getting rid of my UMD’s until I have had my fill of them.

    6) Sorry about being vague I did mean “new iteration” over saying sequel in my question, nice answers though I completely agree with Plasma Sword, Power Stone, definitely a new Jet Set Radio and Parappa the Rappa. Didn’t really play much Banjo Kazooie but wouldn’t mind Rare trying a new Conker even though that impossible for them to get it right. Somewhat surprised that nobody said a brawler like Streets of Rage or Final Fight since Scott Pilgrim and Castle Crashers has proven that the formula works. Josh I agree with the Capcom comment and I have one for that and Square-Enix :C

    again sorry for the huge comment.

    this episode is the best salad!


    • too long, did read, but liked it=)


    • Anonymous Mar 1, 2012

      The whole vita discussion (with Tom specifically) I would like to call back on an October 2010 episode “A bird I the hand, amen” with that whole psp to vita discussion.


      • Ha, yes. Quite a different opinion looking ahead, compared to now when we’re in the thick of it. About 46 minutes in, for those who are curious: http://jumpkickpunch.com/2010/10/jump-kick-punch-10032010-a-bird-in-the-hand-amen/

        The entirety of that 3DS discussion is really, really funny to listen to, in hindsight. That’s what I consider to be an important use for these podcasts; an archive and record of enthusiasm and expectations.


        • Patrick Mar 2, 2012

          With the DS I kind of sit in the same place that Tom is. I stopped caring about the DS around the time they got rid of the GBA cartridge slot because I am a huge fan of reverse combatiblity and Nintendo is the last company to continue that trend. Also I have no drive to spend extra money on the same game just because there is a new shiny out on the market and I hate gimmicks like 3d because they could do better than that.


      • I like how I say things about games/systems when they’re not announced yet.

        I feel like I’ve become more optimistic over time, haha. I want a Vita and want that Vita to be so good. It lines up with my desire of the graphics looking a lot better than the 3DS (pixel density)… I’d have a Vita if I wasn’t about to have 30 days off… also I think that’s before I’ve become in love with downloadable EVERYTHING. So eff UMDs.


  7. Perturbo Mar 1, 2012

    Got to ask, you referanced autistic fandom, with the whole “My Little Pony” thing, would you give a definition?


    • I’ll field this one. I’m tempted to say “If you have to ask, you’ll never know”, but that’s a bit of a flippant answer. It’s a fandom that goes beyond the original intent of whatever thing they’re worshipping, imposing their own particular desires, fetishes and damages on it heedless of dignity or social acceptability. See: Basically anything from the Sonic fandom ever.


      • Perturbo Mar 2, 2012

        I had a general idea of what you were talking about. I just wanted to get a base line of what you were talking about to make sure that I was on the same page.

        I never saw it applied to Avatar, but then I actively avoid 4-chan, and 2nd life. I have seen mildly disturbing number of forum avatar pics using a my little pony pics, well that explains that.


  8. Billy Mar 2, 2012

    I want a sequel to King of the Monsters 2.


    • Andrew Mar 3, 2012

      That would be sweet! Get some cyber woo love!


    • Patrick Mar 3, 2012

      if they did that I would totally want them to have a Jason Statham character ala crank 2. That would be awesome!


      • I think you mean “A Jason Statham character a la every movie Jason Statham has ever appeared in”


  9. Shadra Mar 5, 2012

    I want a sequel to Ubisoft’s Pod Racer.

    Sadly, as far as I know it got lost in licensing hell somewhere and nobody can or will do anything with it. However, I did just see a new racing game advertised which has cover art that looks very much like the aesthetic that Pod Racer had that I thoroughly enjoyed, though it probably doesn’t have the same cool kind of story that goes with it.

    I also would have liked to see a remake of the strategy-sorta game Masters of Magic (which I also played at the same time as the first Heroes of Might and Magic which often got confusing). Not because the game was particularly good, but I thought it was fun and played it a number of times and would probably enjoy something like it again.

    You already got my thoughts on ponies and bronies (at length, sorry about that!), so I’ll say a few words about Mass Effect before I dive into internet hiatus until I finish the game. In reference to the episode the week prior when you guys were discussing importing save data or whether you need to play 1 to enjoy 2, etc, you don’t /need/ to do that, as they said, but I should point out that a) the choices at character generation are very general and there are some ‘canon’ character deaths that you cannot avoid unless you saved them in Mass Effect 1, b) some of these characters are supposed to return in 3, but won’t if they are dead, and c) While you can play 2 without playing 1 first (I did, I already knew the story and 2 was on sale and I’m poor), the world I was introduced to in 2 makes me /definitely/ want to go back and play 1, then 2 again, and then by that point 3 again to see how the changes play out.

    While I know that the controls and a lot of game functionality in 1 is supposedly extremely frustrating (unless patches changed some of those things, like item selling), from what I know of the story, it definitely seems worth playing. Plus, you can always breeze through it on the Casual setting (though I found the TPS part of the game to be highly enjoyable).

    I guess that was more than a few words. Anywhoodles, catch you around!


    • I had the same experience(as far as I understood), mass effect 1 I kicked , due to bad controls, 2 I loved and it made me want to play 1 (havent finished it yet) and the story made much more sense in 1 after I played 2 a few times and vice versa=)

      also here is a cute pic of miranda


  10. SaraH Mar 5, 2012

    So I went in a slightly different direction…


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