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JKP! Ep.86: Baking Bad – Jump Kick Punch!

Can our stalwart heroes find the telephone fast enough to stop the Riggler and Jokesy?

It’s a four-man podcast this week as Brandon, Josh, Zack, and late arrival Tom discuss the teaser trailer for Mass Effect 3, the endings to Saints Row the Third, the beginnings of Batman: Arkham City, the oddities of sudden spinal recoveries and red wigs, Penny Arcade’s latest venture into the world of game industry journalism and more. Plus, our first intermission music winner and listener emails!

*An Addendum: Though Brandon readily quips that a specific section of this episode should be dubbed “Caking Bad,” he realized almost immediately after going to bed that night that he should have said “Baking Bad.” This has been rectified in the episode title because he can do that, so there.*

Everyone except Tyler hit the jump for related videos, images and more!

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Use Your Keyboard to Yell at Us

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18 comments on “JKP! Ep.86: Baking Bad

  1. So, I followed my instructions and waited till the end of this episode to check the website and…
    Dude, that keychain is super dope!

    I know the answer to this week’s too, but I assume I’m exempt from monopolizing your contest so I’ll back off.
    Great episode again guys, really glad you’re back in full swing!


  2. Patrick Feb 22, 2012

    That keychain does look dope!

    Another good podcast all be it lacking emails (thanks shandra)

    I am surprised you guys didn’t say anything about the ME3 demo releasing on. Valentines day or talking about Gotham city imposter.

    The second I get off of work I am going to commit some time to find the break song because if that is the benchmark for the prize I am so getting the answer.


  3. Patrick Feb 22, 2012

    Got it on my lunch break! It’s Ristar 3-2 under magma!

    Thanks Tom for saying bubsy and throwing way off the trail. Btw bubsy was on both systems.


    • You might want to recalibrate your joke detector to Tom’s frequency.

      And Ristar is correct! Congrats! Tune in to next week’s show to discover your mysterious priiiiiize.


      • Patrick Feb 23, 2012

        Btw I am going through the podcast library in reverse order and wow you guys were so off on the whole project cafe/ wii-u product fell flat on it’s face and pooped the bed (thanks josh and Harrison for adding that to my vocabulary) also I am a huge supporter of Nintendo and this generation of gaming has been so painful.

        I think Tom is awesome, he is the straight man to this wacky show of Brandon’s die hard sonic fan (sega needs to stop Brandon they need to do something with ANY other IP) zack the voice of comics, josh being josh (don’t ever change that) and Harrison being awesome

        …what was my point?


        • Dear Patrick,




          • Patrick Feb 23, 2012

            Hey I feel your years and years of pain and anguish of sonic being dumped with horrible game after horrible game> I love the fact that Generations came out and Colors was good, hell I even like sonic 4… sorta but like with almost any other big developer I have a list of games they left along the wayside to keep the blue speedster on life support.

            Here is some off the top of my head:
            Streets of Rage
            Comix Zone
            Eternal Champions
            Micheal Jackson’s Moonwalker (yes!)
            Altered Beast
            Space Channel 5 (would have been better than dance central)

            and the top of my list would be Feel the Magic/ Rub Rabbits

            mmmm chili dogs XD


          • Patrick Feb 27, 2012

            And then I saw that they are working on virtual fighter 5 and immediatly regret what I said previously.


  4. y u no read my email, it was important hehe
    btw…how the hell did you get to not mix that thing zack, just wow xDDDD


    • We got your email! And we’ll be reading it in the next episode. We have a new cutoff time of 11:00p for recording, so we had to cut it short. But we will read every email we’ve received, scout’s honor.

      (I was never in scouts.)


  5. Andrew Feb 24, 2012

    Great podcast!


  6. Billy Feb 24, 2012

    Are you going to include show notes again? I usually edit and add in chapter skips to each of the podcasts, so if I lose my place I can skip to the topic I that I was listening to while I’m driving. If not it’s no problem; I’ll just throw in random chapter skips.

    I have a pet story. Wilbur, who was just put down this last May, was our family beagle for fifteen years. One day, during my seventh or eighth grade year, I took Wilbur out for a walk in the neighborhood and stopped by the playground. It was late in the afternoon and no one was around, so Wilbur decides to roll around in the sandbox; and he’s going nuts because he’s never seen sand before. He’s rolling around and I’m singing Metallica songs in my head as we enjoyed the moment of peace.

    Then, one of the neighbors from the other side of the neighborhood comes walking up to the tennis court next to the playground. This guy is a total jerk and just short of being a complete asshole from all the incidents I’ve seen of him to his family and other neighbors from the bus stop. He was one of heads of the Home Owners Association and would grind his nose to the ceiling. Anyways, as Wilbur and I are enjoying ourselves he walks up to us yelling “What is your fucking dog doing? Get that mutt out of the sandbox! Such a disgrace!”

    Since I was young and I didn’t really want to cause any trouble, I just tugged on Wilbur’s leash and we strolled on home. I took a quick glance behind me and saw that the guy had turned and made his way to the tennis court, obviously satisfied with what happened. Then I heard the sound if tinkling. Wilbur was pissing on his car’s tire. Hell yeah!

    Then we walked a couple steps further and Wilbur took a dump right in the parking lot behind the car. The guy saw him and started yelling more more obscenities. I just replied “Fuck you,” then my dog and I ran off into the woods back home. I gave him like five Milkbones for the hell of it.

    I miss Wilbur…


    • Great story, Billy. Wilbur sounds like he was pretty awesome. I miss having a dog.

      Show notes are gone, I’m afraid. Believe it or not, it was actually kind of a hassle to log and write up each of our individual topics and discussions, especially given how often we run off on tangents.

      Before we started back up in Jan, I sat down and thought about the previous process and restructured things in favor of getting the episodes out more quickly and timely. I figure that’s what most of our regular listeners would prefer.


      • Billy Feb 25, 2012

        That’s understandable, and I’m down with the process.

        Also, my cat, Calvin, routinely yells at me to pet him while I poop. It usually happens like this:

        “No, Calvin. I’m pooping.”
        “No! I’m pooping and playing Freecell!”
        “God damn it!”
        *Petting, purring, pooping.*


      • I would just like to add, the only show notes that would maybe be practical, would be the ones about spoilers, like when they start/end, as skipping may lead to missing some things


  7. I admit that I was, at one point, part of the Destructiod “community”. Looking back on it I don’t know why I stayed as long as I did. I have since joined a different forum that is much smaller and much better.


    • Well, we’re glad to have you listening and commenting here, as well! Thanks for listening.


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