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JKP! Ep.85: That Secret Word is Kininigin – Jump Kick Punch!

With $2 million, we could make an incredible podcast.

Things you’ll experience in this week’s episode: Josh’s positive impressions of his legally obtained PC version of Skyrim, DoubleFine’s million dollar Kickstarter baby, a rare and truly insane comic find by Zack, a brief review of Chronicle, the many controversial outfits of Power Girl, some hilariously good-bad superhero rebirths, the game-related treasures of the NYC Toy Fair, and the upcoming reboot of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Also featured in this episode: the debut of Tales From the North by Eric (our own Urban Viking) and the long overdue return of listener emails!

Of note: the volume shifts up and down over the couse of the episode. We’re aware of the issue, but please let us know any other concerns or comments you might have for future recordings. Aside from the burps. We know about the burps.

Hit the jump for videos, images, and a link to last week’s intermission tune!

Download last week’s Intermission music here: April O’Neil’s Theme – TMNT: Tournament Fighters [Genesis]

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[vsw id=”nGcwSDNFcsU” source=”youtube” width=”640″ height=”390″]

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23 comments on “JKP! Ep.85: That Secret Word is Kininigin

  1. Ricky Bryant Feb 16, 2012

    TMNT Tournament Fighters…never would have gotten that


  2. Tyler Feb 16, 2012

    It looks like Thoughtcrime went to the “Chris-Chan School of Tell-Don’t-Show Comics”


  3. the JKP logo is stretched, that is all=)


  4. Billy Feb 16, 2012

    My fiance calls my boy “Little Mac.”


  5. http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2002/01/24/MN115878.DTL

    The Phantom Patriot’s story partially checks out, so it must all be true. Beware the reptoids!

    DC got so close to a good Power Girl redesign. They should have just handed this redesign to a better artist: http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f86/projectrooftop/powergirl_joelcarroll2.jpg


  6. Tyler Feb 16, 2012

    @Brandon: I listened to the episode today, finally. Intermission music is Silver Surfer on NES. YOUR GARBAGE IS FORFEIT!



      Tyler, as the first prize winner, I think you’re going to be very, very pleasantly surprised.


    • I knew it sounded familiar…first come first server I guess:D


  7. Patrick Feb 16, 2012

    Great episode! The whole Power Girl redesign annoys me though, I like the current costume they are leaving the issue I had with it was the ridiculous bust size they gave her. EXAMPLE:


    also I’m sure somebody will eventually get to this (Zack)


    A whole new universe and Batman goes from 0 to Knightfall in 6 issues. HOW!?


  8. Patrick Feb 16, 2012

    oh and I almost forgot… SIEG ZEON!


  9. Andrew Feb 17, 2012

    Am I alone in feeling that this episode was very lacking. Maybe i just psyched myself up so much for listener emails that I expected more from this episode. Also I hate skyrim and the good thing about it coming out a month ago is that nobody talked about it two weeks after releas, only for it to re-emerge its revolting head on jkp for about an hour of description. I don’t want to sound mean to Eric but im afraid I was not a fan of this week’s urban Viking. The random hootanany before it started was funny and made me laugh, but migjt have hurt the actual section of urban Viking. Maybe it was just lacking a custom Brandon transition into the topic.


  10. Kelly Feb 17, 2012

    Yeah, Harrison you really should’ve punched him harder.



  11. Shadra Feb 17, 2012

    Late in getting to listen, been busy!

    Re: Kickstarter: I’ve participated in two so far, and both have been rewarding and pretty ground-up funded. Once was a friend’s comic (She needed printing/shipping money) and the other was a friend’s new indie album (she needed money to pay some more pro musicians and for recording/publishing costs). The key is self-advertising, basically, and being super communicative.

    It’s good to do some research before engaging in a kickstarter project, however-- there have been some issues. Glad you guys talked about it, though!


    • Shadra Feb 17, 2012

      Also, re: ‘the marginalized RPG’ folks:

      I would have liked to see this game. However, the people behind it are kind of notoriously unreliable and their proposed business plan was… basically bad.


    • Patrick Feb 17, 2012

      I kind of sit the same way with Kickstarter. I have backed 3 comic artists, a T-shirt designer and a documentary about the death of Tower Records. Its a great way to not only support a worthy project, feel like you money is actually helping contribute to a great cause other than sticking it into the corporate money machine, and you get some awesome one time swag out of the deal. I mean the tower records one scored me a ramones album I wanted for a long time and the complete Led Zeppelin collection!


  12. Anonymous Feb 7, 2015

    They can’t pronounce “Kininigin”, it’s a shibboleth for them -- http://www.angelfire.com/ut/branton/synopsis.html


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