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October 2, 2011

Long time no post, I know. I apologize but someone offered me money for building them some internets so I’ve been busy. Also, Tamiya USA has decided to not sell my goddamn paints so I am sort of in limbo for a bit. It’s a weird place to be, but it could be worse! Anyway, ONWARD!

Zombie Nemo’s? Oh yes. The idea was amazing and I plan to expand on it. The originator of this concept is Fall Dog and the only reason I am entertaining it is because of a group of friends on Tumblr have decided to do a bunch of zombie themed projects for “October is for Zombies.” Now, my drawing skills are not nearly as on par with a few others I know, but damnit if I can’t build some goddamn Gundams. So my concept is in the works as of tonight and I wanted to at least give you guys a taste but it’s a little too rough currently. So go on ahead and read more about my Reddit Group build!

My Gunpla group on Reddit who hangs out on r/Gunpla has decided to do a group build using a 1/144 Zaku II. This is insanely limiting to me as I don’t use 1/144s for custom painting, but I am pretty excited either way.

So what did I do? I combined 3 kits and put them together and make a ridiculous combination monster. I grabbed the upper torso and arms of a regular Zaku II, but added the legs of the Super Zaku from Gunpla Builders Club with a few odds and ends from the Geara Zulu Angelo Custom as seen on his back and the two huge fuel tanks.

I was working with a RG Zaku II but the level of detail in all of the pieces was getting slightly tiresome and it did not allow for me to mesh with out kits nearly as easily as just sticking to the HGUC kits. The pieces were SO SMALL that I was nervous about priming / painting them without putting a lot of the kit together. I already know I will be using A LOT of paint on this kit as the HGUC kits require a lot of masking, but it doesn’t seem nearly as daunting.

Anyway, once I get it primed and ready for paint I will post it again and post more pictures of the Zombie build. As for the 00 Raiser, it is waiting for paint to be delivered. I refuse to ruin a kit using the rattle cans when I can just be patient. I would also like to note that I am NOT a patient person. Stay tuned!

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