Sarah Does Demos: Bastion

October 5, 2011

Dun dun dun

On the advice of Josh and Brandon I set out to play Bastion, and as with many hings recommended by the members of JKP I was not disappointed.  Bastion is a beautiful game, with a charming score, and possibly the best narration I’ve ever heard.


Available on Xbox 360 LIVE Arcade, Also available on Steam for PC

All  is praise and exultation!  In Bastion the settings are well crafted, the colors are rich, the music is fun and the narration is above reproach.  The demo is limited to the first chapter, but there is no long slow opening here.  Once you press start you are moving quickly, as the game introduces you to key concepts, items, and enemies.  You are also quickly introduced to the narrator, who is awesome!


In fact I’m running out of ways to talk about how much I enjoyed this demo.  The UI is informative, without being in the way, drinking is an important part of character advancement, there is a whole building dedicated to implements of mayhem.  What’s not to love?

Booze and Guns! What could go wrong?

Even dying, in the demo anyway, is not a big deal, push a button and you’re back where you died, ready to try again.

Dead :(

My one gripe was that, not having ready access to an X Box I played this game by way of Steam without the aid of a controller.  The PC control options do not feel native to the game, and it is distressingly easy to just hurtle off the edge of the world.  Le oops.

Do yourself a favor and go play the demo, and then come back and tell -me- about it for a change.  Lets see what the dial has to say today!

Turns out this is harder than I thought, I’ll try to have more to say next week.

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