Things on Netflix: Norwegian films you should watch

September 19, 2011

If you’re not opposed to reading your movies, these two gems from Norway are totally worth your time.


Dead Snow

The horror genre is a hotbed of really terrible movies, but terribleness and awesomeness are not always mutually exclusive. Sometimes the level of terribleness eclipses the event horizon of awesome creating a cult classic. Are you ready for this premise? A group of twenty-somethings journey to a remote mountain cabin for a weekend of off trail skiing. It’s like the opener for every horror movie in existence, but unknown to them, the mountain is haunted by zombies. Nazi zombies. Oh snap!

The opener is super quirky but then the tone mellows out. In the beginning, I feel like Dead Snow was trying to take itself seriously, but half way through a gory battle between one of the protagonists and a Nazi zombie, it realized, or remembered, it couldn’t be serious about anything but the utter ridiculousness of its plot premise. Because omg, you guys, Nazi zombies.

Dead Snow is available streaming in Norwegian with English subs.


Troll Hunter

Troll Hunter

It’s like the Blair Witch Project but better. Bonus points for holding the camera steady. And in spite of its name, it’s not over saturated with CG trolls. It’s a great little movie dealing with superstitions that didn’t emigrate across the Atlantic with the rest of Europe. Sometimes it’s suspenseful and sometimes it’s unintentionally funny but it’s a good time all around.

The cinematography is fantastic, even though it’s mostly hand held; the shots they get of the countryside are amazing. I really wanted to book tickets to Norway after watching this. Not to hunt trolls, but to go hiking and take a bazillion pictures. And maybe peak under a few bridges.

The science they inject into the troll mythos is credible and the major pro to the whole film is that it has no vampires. I’m sick to death of vampires. Give me more trolls!

Troll Hunter is available via DVD presumably with English and Norwegian language options.


Both films available through Netflix.

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2 comments on “Things on Netflix: Norwegian films you should watch

  1. Morris Sep 20, 2011

    Damn, I need to check those out…especially Dead Snow.


  2. Ricky Bryant Sep 21, 2011

    I can profess to Troll Hunter’s quality. It should be watched by everyone at LEAST 3 times.


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