The Hanger: Clear Red Paint Woes

September 19, 2011

Red red red. I am SO tired of seeing red. I’ve been working pretty non-stop on the 00 Raiser and I’m currently covered in clear red paint as I write this. Mind you, the image above doesn’t look red or is it of perfect grade quality. More about that a ways down. I just like teasing you.

So I decided on the paint situation. I was instructed to put a coat of a glossy silver down first, then several coats of clear red. “EASY AS PIE!” I exclaimed and got very excited. I wanted to test this concept before actually laying down the layers of paint on the newly primed pieces just in case this was too complicated. Continue reading for more and details on how to NOT paint with clear pants.

So I tested two different silver finishes as seen above and put down a couple coats of the clear red paint to get an idea of what I was dealing with. The red looked a lot better on the chrome paint, but alas I had only one bottle to satisfy the needs of this huge kit. Needless to say it was Mica Silver that won through.

I made an attempt to decant the Mica Silver from the rattle cans in order to get an even paint on the pieces. It was slightly nightmarish but the effect was gorgeous. I really never want to use a rattle can again because of how well the airbrush layers.

With the silver in place, I loaded up my airbrush with the clear red. I used my typical ratio of 3:2 Paint:Thinner and went to town. The paint didn’t layer very well as I had a lot of built pieces and there was a lot of overlap, but I made do and hope that the final coat would fix some of the layering issues.

I woke up the next morning to see that the paint was lighter in a lot of areas, but I was not displeased with my progress. I was actually getting a lot more excited the more I was inspecting the pieces. The only problem was is that I went through three jars of Tamiya Clear Red. Not expecting an issue, I called up my local hobby shop.

“We’re out of clear red… but we have the spray cans!”

I was discouraged and started to look online and as many other shops in the tristate areas as I could. There was nothing to be found. I ended up giving in and purchasing some of the Clear Red spray cans while I was picking up some thinner. “What’s the worst that could happen?” Well, I think anyone who has ever used rattle cans knows what can happen. BUBBLES CAN HAPPEN. And bubbles are pretty easily remedied when working with opaque shades, but not exactly with clear colors. Refusing to be hindered, I continued forward.

And here I sit. Sanding down the bubbles. And a bit enraged. The legs, torso and feet were some of the few pieces that remained unscathed by bubbles but the rest is a disaster. I am going to make an attempt to clean up the other pieces tomorrow, but I might be redoing the priming and grab another clear color to continue this concept. Disappointed? Sure. But I’d rather it be pristine than half assed. Why am I being so particular? Well, my good sirs, I found out that NYCC in October had a surprise up its sleeve for me. I’ll post about that a little later, but until then, WISH ME LUCK!

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One comment on “The Hanger: Clear Red Paint Woes

  1. I’m looking into getting an airbrush. Starting retard simple with some Testors bullshit to learn the basics, then Christmas time graduating to either an Iwata or Badger. I’ll be using it primarily on Heroic 30mm pewter figures.
    Given that planned use which would you recommend: Gravity or Syphon fed? Internal or External mix? Single or dual action?


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