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The Hanger: 00 Raiser Progress – Jump Kick Punch!

The Hanger: 00 Raiser Progress

September 7, 2011

Hey guys! Eric, the Urban Viking, or whatever you want to call me. I decided to move my operations from my old site to JKP in order to add to the insanity that this place promotes. For those of you not familiar with Gunpla ( Gundam Plastic Model Building ) I will be posting a lexicon section among other things in order for those of you who want to learn more can do so. If you folks demand more or I have some spare time I will start to post videos of the builds and some kit reviews. It all depends what you folks want to see!

Let’s not waste anymore time and get to the robots.

Anyway! Here is the deal. I bought this Perfect Grade 00 Raiser ages ago and was not yet prepared to build it. After building quite a few kits and custom painting, I decided to go ahead with this bad boy. It’s got a very complicated endoskeleton with plates that sort of rest on top of it more than wrapping around it like other kits, so I decided to put all of the color there. The plates will be stark flat white with silver accents, but the skeleton will be a metallic red. Hit the “Continue Reading” link below for more, because I plan to go into depth and show a lot of images.

Anyway! Here is the color scheme I was going for. It’s very focused on the endoskeleton, as stated above, and the outer plates are almost filler.

I build the endoskeleton first just to have an idea of what needed to be painted what color. Some parts could not be taken apart after building ( and because my handers break things rather easily ) so I took it apart as much as I could and primed all the pieces. At this point, most of it is primed and I started to do some of the outer plates as well. I used to use Tamiya Primer for this, but due to labeling issues causing them not to be able to export them to America anymore. So now I use Mr. Surfacer 1000 / 1200. This stuff also makes my apartment unlivable for about an hour, so I wander to a taco stand and enjoy air that isn’t toxic.

Mortal peril avoided, it then turns into the REAL painting. This is the fun / enraging part of the progress. I’ve been a graphic designer for quite a while and have been exclusively web and digital most of that time, so mixing paints has been something I haven’t done since color theory in college. Also, an airbrush uses a lot of paint sometimes and you need to mix a lot to accomodate. Running out of a color and having to remix it could mean some of your parts aren’t consistant and is le sad.

So there is a ton of experimenting going on currently. I’m mixing paints and techniques to get my ideal metallic red. I refuse to settle for pink, so the metallic colors are losing out to the reds. I’m either going to use the darker red and dry brush with silver or do a lighter red / silver with a gunmetal dry brush. None of this currently will make sense if you’re not a model builder but I will post the examples of each as I test them in the next couple of days.

Another fun hurdle are the LEDs. Currently Bandai is working on releasing Red LEDs for the “Trans AM” mode 00 Gundams, but the issue I am running into are the GN Drives on this kit. I can use a Red LED in the head but the GN Drives aren’t exactly easy to get into. The video above shows how they light up and rotate. ( And yes, that is “Hunger Strike” by Temple of the Dog. 90’s for LIFE )

So that’s where I am currently. Below is a slideshow of the photos that I have taken this far in the build. If you’d like to see some of my older work, head on over to my blog and check it out. The newest posts will be posted here in the future, though, so just be aware. More later this week!

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2 comments on “The Hanger: 00 Raiser Progress

  1. Because I hate seeing things without comments and happen to know a bit about model assembly and painting here’s a softball question to help the uninitiated out there

    Black primer, is that an “in this instance” choice or a general preference?


    • The first picture is pre-primer, actually. I’m using a neutral grey. There is a need for black primer, though. It’s nice to use for particular paints or if you want to do a scratch off type of weathering. I’m definitely considering it for some builds but currently I am partial to the Mr. Surfacer despite it being hard to find outside of a model shop.

      I’ll actually be building a Hyaku Shiki that will be painted gold and the particular type of paint requires a black undercoat.


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