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Brandon! Tom! Josh! Harrison! Valve! Gabe Newell! Cliffy B and Gears of War 3! Uncharted! Skyrim! Saints Row 3! Prototype! Soul Calibur V! Dragon*Con! Alcohol! Ninja Sex Party! Archer! Volpin Props! Flaming vehicles! Savannah, GA! Savannah College of Art & Design! FantomenK’s Bionic Belly Button! Burglary! Listener emails!¬†Free advertisement! Capcom! Nintendo! Square-Enix! Keiji Inafune! AND MORE!

Hit the jump for this week’s related videos:

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[vsw id=”DxjmQfeYztA” source=”youtube” width=”640″ height=”390″]

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10 comments on “JKP! Ep.82: Celebrity Dick Punches

  1. Andrew Sep 21, 2011

    Where is the direct download link?


    • nik maier(cough) Sep 21, 2011

      yeah I want that also=)
      p.s -- can’t wait to listen to it =3


  2. I’m so startled right now…


  3. Billy Sep 22, 2011

    Voldo’s groin piece looks like a spider’s head one way, but when he’s on all fours you can see it’s actually an upside down head gripping the straps.

    Creepy. Good work Namco.


  4. HOLY SHIT GUYS! I am never going to Savannah… ever!


  5. Its no where near as bad as they make it sound.
    When I attended SCAD I believed that cars were things that happened to other people, so I walked everywhere more often than not. O-House to the mall, Alexander Hall to Westin/Dyson, Montgomery Hall to the apartment at the intersection of MLK, a Liquor store and a KFC, the shitty apartment on Pennsylvania to downtown. These walks weren’t always during “safe” times and I never got mugged/shot/stabbed or accosted by anything worse than a smelly bum. Worst that happened to me was either getting a pair of bikes stole(though I did help by poorly securing them and abandoning them for several weeks) or getting hit by a car(again I helped by being dressed in dark colors and on a bike with minimal reflectors during the early evening).
    Compress ~4 years of bad experiences into a few minutes and it makes the place sound absolutely miserable when it isn’t.


  6. Bunny Sara Sep 27, 2011

    You are all more then welcome to stay at my place in Savannah whenever you want! Especially for Free Treasure Day!

    I liked living in Savannah so much that I moved back for my MFA.. Yeah I know I’m pretty much insane for it but hey, here I am, and your all invited!


  7. I am horrified you guys didn’t even mention Macross Plus when discussing Vocaloid. YOU FOOLS! THEY WILL RISE UP AND TAKE THE MACROSS HOSTAGE!

    Also, do Harrison and Tom have pics from Dragon*Con? I haven’t seen squat.


  8. Hahaha. I like hearing other people’s version of Danny’s dick getting punched!
    Btw, this is Branden, the friend hanging with NSP.
    We knew it was Matt because i got friendly chatting with his friend Lance. I asked Lance to introduce Danny because Matt was in a conversation with someone. He looked super drunk and after Danny said he loves his show, Matt said out of no where, “I’m gonna kick you in the dick!” Danny was stunned and was prepared for a kick but instead gets punched.
    Afterwards, Lance gives his business card to Danny and said he’ll get whatever he wants from the Archer show.

    A week or so later, Danny emailed Lance and linked Dinosaur Laser Fight for the creators of Archer to watch. Matt responded back apologizing for the punch, which he did not remember about and he also watched a few of the other NSP videos on their channel and mentioned the ones he liked. Last i recall, I think Danny got to meet a few of the Archer crew when they came out to NYC not long ago.

    This was a long podcast. Entertaining and i miss Tom’s fluffy hair. It was great meeting most of you all for lunch.


    • It was great meeting you, dude! Hopefully my version of Danny’s trial was correct enough. Lunch was a blast for us as well. Make sure to look us up next time you’re in the ATL, maybe we can even do a podcast! We love special guests.


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