Handed the reins for the first time in over a year and a half, Josh abandons the typical JKP show format in lieu of an awkward and surprising lady-centered story time agenda. Brandon, Tom, and Zack shuffle along to varying degrees of reluctance. Grab a beer and gather round, it’s (apparently) time to share.

Show high/lowlights:

0:17:02 – After trying to start the show for a full seventeen minutes, Josh finally talks about one of the worst/funniest car rides of his life.

0:40:34 – Tom’s turn results in some shocking revelations about his high school days.

0:56:00 – Men with drills suddenly arrive (don’t ask), so let’s have an INTERMISSION!

0:58:28 – It’s Zack’s turn, and he chooses to relay the perils of meatballs and fancy carpets. Those aren’t euphemisms, either.

1:07:05 – Brandon unintentionally kickstarts corndog-centric “JKP Manfiction” and then talks about much happier things instead.

1:28:45 – Listener Emails! Alex the Dude writes in to mourn his shattered hopes and dreams over MML3. (We feel you, Alex.)

1:31:06 – Billy asks us about preferred Mega Man powers and Big Daddy issues.

1:36:38 – Josh answers an email… from himself?????

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8 comments on “JKP! Ep.79: Josh’s Woman Time

  1. :|


  2. Props to the Christmas time proposal. Its an easy way to “avoid” a real gift both that year and the next(“Last year I got you me. I couldn’t top that this year so think of this as a pallet cleanser year”).


  3. Tyler Aug 3, 2011

    Cheers! *clink*

    Since my penis disqualifies me from submitting “JKP Manfiction” to Josh’s desk “by monday”, I figured I’d just make a quick photoshop instead. A picture is worth a thousand corndogs, as they say…


  4. Tyler Aug 3, 2011

    also, Josh’s dream movie, apparently…

    This was by far, my favorite episode this year, so Kudos to Josh! It’s fun to have the mold broken once in a while


  5. Billy Aug 5, 2011

    I was thinking along the lines of this SNL skit with Dana Carvey doing the McLaughlin Group.



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