Holy cow, true believers, what a week! Join the proud ranks of Brandon, Josh, Tom and Zack as they discuss the Captain America movie, the official DC Comics’ Superman reboot, Capcom’s insufferable stupidity and/or blatant evil, and some miscellaneous Comic-Con headlines. Also, listener emails and fighting cats! It’s a nigh-three-hour-podcast for the ages! Oh yeah, also, SPOILER WARNING, obviously.

Show highlights:

0:03:41 – Brandon, Josh and Zack have seen Captain America! It is very good! Let’s talk about precisely how good it is! (Also, HUGE spoiler warnings for this entire conversation.)

0:17:00 – The gang revisits a discussion about Nazi’s in modern, family-friendly media.

0:27:51 – We dissect the Howlin’ Commandos, Bucky, and Cap’s supporting characters.

0:34:41 – Josh mistakes Iron Man’s Shaun Toub for Captain America’s Stanley Tucci.

0:39:12 – We toss around some Captain America sequel ideas (briefly touching upon Topless Robot’s recent “Worst Cap Stories” article) & other Marvel characters worthy of the feature film treatment.

0:56:07 – We discuss the finer points of Superman’s impending DC Comics reboot.

1:19:28 – Intermission!

1:19:48 – Zack leaves us, Tom joins us, and we talk a bit about Thundercats.

1:23:09 – We take the necessary time to discuss Capcom, the untimely-yet-predictable death of Mega Man legends 3, and more.

1:43:13 – Josh makes a shocking apology to Keiji Inafune. Seriously.

1:51:31 – Brandon is pissed right the fuck off over ULTIMATE Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

2:08:57 – Time to shift focus to a more positive light with some uplifting Comic-Con news! Happy thoughts, god damn it!

2:27:32 – Listener Emails! We kick thing off with Nik, who almost demands that Josh run a podcast recording.

2:31:56 – Billy plays Halo & loves him some Ghost Rider.

2:41:42 РMatt writes in to talk about perilous spoilers and ask for high-quality Batman comic recommendations.

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4 comments on “JKP! Ep.78: Capcomic-Con America

  1. Billy Jul 26, 2011




  2. ooohhh …this was like crack, but now I’m good for a few da…a day=)


  3. zomg I was sorta mention as the dude that told you about Eiduos


  4. Larry Niven explains the finer points of why Superman can’t bone earth ladies:



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