What Happens When Harrison Links to the Podcast?

June 10, 2011

Well hello there, kindly new visitors. Kindly, intelligent and very attractive new visitors.

As you can see from the typical traffic numbers aove, we’re a humble little podcast/blog combo here at JKP, run by three (read: mostly one) guys in their off hours, so seeing numbers like this is simultaneously uplifting and terrifying. We’ve been working hard to roll out new content all this week in celebration of E3, and we’re going to work hard to keep regular and varying types of content coming.¬†Hopefully some of you folks like what we have to offer around here, both in audio and blog form, and will decide to stick around for further musings and nerdly bitching. We’re honored to have you.

P.S. – Harrison, feel free to interrupt us as often as you like in the next podcast.

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