Ken Levine Somehow Makes ‘Bioshock Infinite’ Sound Even Better Than It Looks

June 10, 2011

A couple of us (namely me) were a bit miffed way back when Bioshock Infinite was first announced, worrying that the setup and setting for this new adventure might be a simple template swap for the original Bioshock; a society built around specific ideals that almost immediately falls apart, the abuse and abundance of mind/body-altering powers, female protagonists in need of rescuing, hulking monsters lurking in the shadows…

Luckily, despite those broad similarities, Infinite is revealed to be more and more original with every new glance or interview. Speaking of interviews, here’s one with Ken Levine in which he goes into detail about some of this game’s new mechanics and features, most notably the option to shift phantom objects into reality via other-dimensional tears. Courtesy of your psychic, becorseted girl sidekick. While you’re in the floating sky-city. Being chased by a huge bird robot. Is it 2012 yet? Also, ow my brain.

Hit the jump cut to watch the full Gametrailers interview. Plus, get a look at Ken Levine sporting an early replica of the all-important skyhook that Booker will be using to traverse the inexplicably dangerous skylines of Columbia!

Lookin’ and soundin’ extremely good, Mr. Levine.

One could take the position that sexualizing Elizabeth to the degree that she has been is unnecessary and, perhaps, exploitative for such a lofty narrative, but it’s sure to be a draw for a large demographic that might not otherwise give the game a try. Also, shut up.

More interesting than ELizabeth’s boobs (debatably) is the Songbird (pictured left at PAX East), the monstrous, winged menace that scours Columbia for his escaped captive. Some recent playthroughs and demo experiences have revealed that he’ll play heavily into the narrative as the abusive husband to Elizabeth’s battered housewife, built to be overprotective and fiercely dominant over his little caged beauty.

See what they did there? It’s subtle.

This is easily one of our most anticipated titles for 2012, so we’ll be sure to cover any new developments both here on the blog and in the podcast.¬†Until then, here’s the latest teaser trailer, as seen during Sony’s press conference:

[vsw id=”i4XgfJXnCC8″ source=”youtube” width=”640″ height=”390″]


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