Keighley’s Interview with Reggie: A Battle of Shills

June 8, 2011

Just before Nintendo gets ready to kick off another press event/developer roundtable at 6:00p (pacific) tonight, let’s go ahead and capture a moment in time where Reggie sat down with Geoff Keighly, seemingly willingly, and allowed himself to be cornered by an onslaught of questions.

Keighly, buzzing little gnat-like nuisance that he is, refuses to give the man any wiggle room as he attacks every opening that is provided– and there are many.¬†Marvel as, live and on-camera, Reggie…

  • states that Wii U’s online presence and capabilities are “for granted”
  • Says the new controller is not meant to be a tablet while footage of someone using it as a tablet is played beside him
  • refuses to say which development team made the garden-based demo of the Wii U’s processing power
  • casually/carelessly affirms that there will be all-new Wii games coming out before Zelda that have not been announced yet.
  • denies and skirts around the disappointing launch of the 3DS
  • exhausts every ounce of restraint to stop from crushing Geoff’s head like a grape with his massive, bear-like hands

Truly a stunning display of corporate-level escape artistry. Catch the three-part interview after the jump!

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One comment on “Keighley’s Interview with Reggie: A Battle of Shills

  1. I’d like to weigh in here real quick. I am one hundred percent not surprised. Remember, Reggie was BMOC when the Gamecube was the thing, The entire first couple years of his career were answering questions consisting entirely of “Just exactly how embarrassed are you?” and “Where are any games whatsoever?”. His answers were straight up bald faced lies. “Nintendo fans have a lot to look forward to this year!” and “We think they’ll be pleasantly surprised!” with a wink and a nod.

    This was the year that the only thing released for the ‘Cube was a Mario Baseball game because Twilight Princess got pushed back so it could be on the Wii. I genuinely don’t believe him or his company for a second when he says “We haven’t forgotten about our hardcore audience!”. He’s been saying it since he got his job and it’s never been true, not once.


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