Brandon, Tom, and Harrison (of Volpin Props) gather together to discuss prop making, drink beers, float through directionless conversation, drink beers, answer listener emails, drink beers, and drink beers in this special digest-sized episode. Clink!

Show highlights:

0:04:10 – To start us off, an unofficially official Volpin Props audio press release. Sort of.

0:05:00ish to 0:32:58 – Mostly directionless conversation with a vague “props” theme lingering overhead.

0:32:58 – Listener emails! First up, Alex writes in to ask us about our worst jobs (again), and to correct Brandon on a rather important point. (Sorry, Alex.)

0:54:38 – Intermission!

0:56:17 – Nik writes us to share some tech news and shine a light on a blatant Chinese knock-off.

1:13:47 – Morris has a friend who works for Nintendo! Price drop rumors ahoy!

1:18:42 – Lee asks us what we think about the big movie studios pulling out of San Diego Comic-Con this year.

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2 comments on “JKP! Ep.75: Propcast

  1. Alex (the dude) Jun 28, 2011

    @Tom, my first job was at Hollywood Video so I totally know how you feel. I take solace in the face that Movie Gallery went out of business and took all of the other companies down with them.

    @Brandon, people always think my name belongs to a woman, I couldn’t tell you how much mail to a Miss
    Alex or a telemarketer asks for a Miss Alex is home. No hard feelings.


  2. Comic book fans are the worst thing about comic books and biggest obstacle to enjoying a comic book based property. Its about time the “big boys” learned that. Spend your time and money on making a good product and winning over the mainstream, you already got the nerds.


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