In brightest day, in blackest night, the Green Lantern movie can’t escape the sight of Brandon, Josh and Zack. Find out what our boys thought of this attempt to legitimize the lanterns within the hearts and minds of mainstream america, then stick around for a second half that addresses DC’s impending September relaunch and retcon of every single title at an all-new #1 (with same-day digital distribution, to boot)! It’s an intensely comics-heavy podcast this week, so have wikipedia at the ready. Enjoy!

Show highlights:

0:01:21 – No time is wasted as Brandon and Zack begin their assessment of Green Lantern‘s feature film debut.

0:04:49 – Josh finally arrives to join in on the… fun… and add the perspective of a GL fan of two decades and change.

0:38:13 – Josh segues into a point about overwhelming summer disappointments (not to spoil our overall opinion or anything, ha haaa) which leads to an overall superhero discussion.

0:58:13 – Intermission! Featuring Michael Kohler’s JLA/Superfriends remix, “That Time is Now”

1:01:10 – Did you hear? The X-Men are breaking up! Such a shame, they were so cute together. Also, some assorted Marvel comics talk.

1:12:45 – DC’s Summer Flashpoint event is finally starting to bear fruit, but the aftermath that is officially set to follow this September may or may not destroy DC comics altogether!

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5 comments on “JKP! Ep.74: DC’s Discoball Mohawk

  1. The Gutters has had some great material based on the DC reboot. ->This is the one Josh mentioned.

    Agent X, Birds of Prey, and Secret Six have made me sucker for Gail Simone’s work(despite the completely asinine and contradictory statements she has made regarding Barbara Gordon as Oracle and Batgirl). I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the current Batgirl series(which included a Damian/Batgirl team-up) so Barbara better bring her A game to impress me enough to make this not a regret filled purchase.

    I’m one of 5 people in the world who bought and read the entirety of Superboy’s post Reign of the Supermen, pre “I’m a Luthor/Superman love child/clone” reveal, so I’ll buy the first issue of this Superboy book just like I did with the more recent attempt to give him a new series.Teen Titans will be purchased as well for similar reasons as Superboy only in regards to Young Justice and the soon to be cancelled Red Robin series. Hopefully I’ll not regret this, but Lobdell hasn’t impressed me(although I dislike most anything X-Men related and that’s where he has done most of his work, so probably not a fair assessment of his ability)


  2. Andrew Jun 20, 2011

    I enjoy the 3 hour episodes!


    • This. I am up all night by myself and I enjoy that will make the time go faster.


  3. Me like long podcast,PODCAST BE LONG!!!
    I prefer your podcast to be long, as you generaly have loads to say and since I listend to all the podcasts a few months ago, there is a void,hole,something missing in my life….in short, podcasts.moar


  4. Tyler Jun 26, 2011

    …dammit…The intermission music set off a chain reaction forcing me to track down and listen to all the old Cartoon Network Groovies on loop…I hope you’re happy with yourselves.

    oh, and yeah, long podcasts. I’ve said as much before, but i’ll listen for as long as you guys want to talk, ’nuff said.


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