That’s a wrap on E3, folks! Brandon leads the way in the first half of this second E3 2011-themed episode as he and Josh mull over some of the week’s higher-profile previews and reveals …while Zack patiently waits for Listener emails. Oh, yes, and Zack is also back! Hop on in here and celebrate the good times, people.

Show highlights:

0:05:26 – We start out by letting Josh explain his position, re: Microsoft “losing” E3.

0:10:40 – The podcast is (briefly) derailed by an incredible off-mic burp.

0:18:15 – A analysis of the show floor stuff begins, starting (rather unsurprisingly) with Sonic Generations.

0:30:32 – Skyward Sword had all of ten seconds shown during Nintendo’s press conference, so we discuss some gameplay reports coming off the show floor.

0:44:31 – Turns out there’s a Zelda tribute in the new Super Mario for 3DS & the new Mario Kart actually has a useful gimmick again!

0:53:44 – Assassin’s Creed: Revelations is Josh’s nutty nutmeg fantasy.

1:02:13 – Intermission!

1:04:12 – Listener emails! Trent writes in to make sure that MGS: Portable Ops gets its propers.

1:06:08 – Cloud writes to ask us if we have any crazy college stories. Ohhhh boy do we ever, Cloud.

1:29:00 – Ricky writes to ask us which smaller, indie-scale games caught our eye over the past week.

1:35:47 – Alex asks: if we could make a game about any subject matter, no matter how morbid or insane, what would it be? The real question: is the world ready for a naked lunatic dancing-in-public simulator?

1:52:12 – Nik shares his E3 2011 experience with us.

1:53:40 – Billy tells us how he came to love Ghost Rider and asks us to share how we discovered our own favorite superheroes.

2:14:58 – Matt the Cat Who is Not Really A Cat writes to inform us about the latest developments in the Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO.

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4 comments on “JKP! Ep.73: The E3 Buttgrinder

  1. Tyler Jun 13, 2011

    as per your request in the previous episode, Brandon…please forgive the delay


  2. For the record: I said NO ONE won E3…


    • Andrew Jun 15, 2011

      If it makes you feel better Tom I knew your position on e3


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