The Big Three of E3 have spoken! Now it’s up to Brandon, Josh, Tom, and special guest Harrison Krix (of Volpin Props fame) to figure out what the hell just happened! Pot-shots are taken! Revelations abound! Minds are boggled! Jump on in and relive the spectacle in this special mid-week, reactionary episode!

Show highlights:

0:03:45 – Microsoft!

1:04:33 – Intermission 1! (Featuring FantomenK’s Rad Raygun stage loop)

1:05:50 – EA & Ubisoft!

1:17:26 – Sony!

1:50:05 – Nintendo!

2:09:19 – Intermission 2! (Featuring FantomenK’s Virgin Birds)

2:11:30 – Nintendo, pt. 2!

Stay tuned for our second E3-centric podcast as we catch the rest of the week’s events!

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One comment on “JKP! Ep.72: Press Conference Review

  1. Have any of you seen any of the new future games for the iPhone and iPad? Apple actually showed some very cool games at E3 these past few days. I’ll post videos of some of the coolest and best looking games for the idevices below.

    March of Heroes




    Sonic: Sega All Stars Racing



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