‘Journey’ is an Online Experience I Might Not Loathe

June 5, 2011

I haven’t really played That Game Company’s other titles very much– I barely scratched the surface of flOw after grabbing it for free and Flower failed to pique my interest– but their next game seems right up my alley, not to mention considerably beefier than earlier offerings.

Journey embraces an aesthetic and tone similar to other “mystical” exploration-based games like Shadow of the Colossus and Ico and combines it with the simple, cel-shaded art style of, say, Wind Waker. The real hook for me, though, is in the way they approached this game’s multiplayer. During the course of your trek you’ll encounter other players, on occasion, wandering the desert and exploring its vast and mysterious ruins just as you are. Normally this would be where things fall apart for me, but this one has approached it with a different mindset.

Read more and check out the Gametrailers preview after the jump…

One special point made in the video preview is that the chosen environment– a barren, haunted wasteland of shifting sands and unfamiliar surroundings– is intended to make the player more open towards interaction with other players. It’s all about cooperation and welcome companionship rather than annihilation and tea-bagging. As someone who can’t stand diving into highly competitive, bullet-laden online environments mired in unemployed game masters (hello, MvC3 and any FPS ever), this makes total sense to me.

Some puzzles and secrets will be more quickly solved with two people doing the work as opposed to one, Limiting the vocal exchange to a surreal, one-note pitch that can be “sung” seems like a brilliant move to keep things anonymous and simple. No profane 12-year olds will be ruining your experience this way.

Definitely interested in what this one has to offer. For now, here’s the Gametrailers preview:

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One comment on “‘Journey’ is an Online Experience I Might Not Loathe

  1. Also Sarah Jun 5, 2011

    I have been following the development of this game for a while and the more I hear from That Game Company the more I want to play it. This footage is beautiful, and I’d really glad to see the game developers have managed to find a way to create this kind of multiplayer experience, because in some of the earlier interviews it really sounded like they had no idea how to get from concept to a finished game that would avoid all of the pitfalls of playing with asshole 12 year olds.


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