E3 is Over; E3 Content is Not

June 11, 2011

Welp, that’s a wrap for E3 2011. The most frenzied whirlwind of new products, corporate egos, and batshit-crazy announcements in the world of video games comes to a close.

New content, however, will still be rolling out as we here at JKP continue to react to/relay all the videos, images, previews, interviews, and features that have been popping up in a steady stream since Tuesday afternoon.

This has been our blog’s busiest week by far, both in traffic and in content, and I recognize that those two are certainly not a coincidence. I can promise you that we’ll be aiming to maintain this level of output for those of you who are always eager to see more from us. I still have no interest in transforming our blog into the next Joystiq or Kotaku, but a bigger, better version of JKP? Most certainly.

Stay tuned for more belated updates and perspectives from E3 2011, as well as new reactions to the biggest stuff to come out of this Summer!

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One comment on “E3 is Over; E3 Content is Not

  1. I love that picture…


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