As E3 2011 looms just beyond the horizon, Brandon, Josh, Tom, and special guest Harrison Krix (of Volpin Props fame) all settle down for a nice, long session of rampant speculation and bold predictions. Will Microsoft finally validate their newest peripheral? Will Sony further chastise themselves onstage? Could Nintendo possibly come out ahead of the compatition with their new console? Our quartet of adorable misfits touches upon all of these topics and many, many more as we all get ramped up for E3! Catch the fe3ve3r!

Show highlights:

0:03:23 – First thing’s first: a quick follow-up on last week’s discussion of the Japanese game industry. Turns out we were sort of on-the-money regarding the arrogance of Square-Enix…

0:15:20 – Tom stands up for Too Human, Harrison likes L.A. Noire, and we all like sandbox games with cars in them.

0:41:25 – Intermission! – Featuring FantomenK’s “The Sprites and You”

0:43:02 – Cosplay for a Cause is great cosplay for a good cause. Buy the 2012 calendar here and help some people in need!

0:46:43 – Let the E3 speculation begin! Topics range from Konami to Valve’s absence to the big three press conferences and beyond… (Beware minor Portal 2 spoilers at the 0:56:50 mark!)

1:48:16 – Intermission 2! Featuring FantomenK’s Audio Avenue”

1:49:52 – The second half of our E3 predictions contain more Nintendo-related apprehensions and a bit of a laugh at Peter Molyneux.

Wan. Million. Troobs.

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6 comments on “JKP! Ep.71: E3 Specubating

  1. Andrew May 31, 2011

    Hey Tom I play LoL also we should play sometime, Andulvar Yaslana is my name on there so add me or give me yours and I’ll add you


  2. I haven’t listened to this yet, but i love the Harrison chibi X3


    • it’s among the more fun ones I guarantee=)
      I woulden’t call it a chibi…more like a punchi=)


  3. Bunny Sara Jun 1, 2011

    I didn’t get to see the black knight either.. I started playing later then you guys. But I did get the money from the queen.. because Josh talked to EVERYONE in the game. Never did finish that game :(
    I miss Squshee.


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