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Brandon, Tom, and Josh take a long moment to ponder, among other things, the future of Mega Man Legends 3, the corporate and creative practices of Capcom and Square-Enix, Batgirls with bazookas, the true value of the Flinstones, and the shriveled little mind of Too Human’s Denis Dyack. There’s plenty of jibber-jabber to get you through the week in this episode that pierces the three hour mark with little justification. Plus, listener emails!

Show highlights:
0:01:10 – PSN is back up, everyone. Finally, the world can rest. Also, Sony manages to surprise us in a good way with the announcement of their PSP Remaster series!
0:19:35 – Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype Version has been pushed back and will miss the 6/6 launch of the 3DS eShop. Just what is Capcom’s deal? And Square-Enix, while we’re at it!
1:00:12 – As Josh furrows his brow, Brandon and Tom defend the concept of Gotham City Imposters.
1:11:21 – Intermission!
1:13:00 – “Seth Macfarlan’s Flinstones.” Try that title on for size, that’s going to be a real thing. Brandon explains why you shouldn’t freak out.
1:25:42 – Josh wants to mention the unfortunate Joystiq/Conduit 2 situation. Nice one, High Voltage.
1:29:00 – Listener Emails! First, Billy tells us how much fun he had with Tom at the Warrior Dash and then encourages us to ruin Kirby for everyone.
1:35:38 – Alex asks if there’s any possibility of JKP forums. HMMM
1:39:03 – Ryan writes in to ask if we think Nintendo’s “Project Cafe” will utterly dominate the headlines coming out of this year’s E3, leading (somehow) to a discussion about the future of the console wars.
2:11:13 – Danny asks us if Denis Dyack is seriously as nuts as he seems. (Spoiler: yes.)
2:28:33 – We return to Nik’s email from last week involving our best/worst jobs.
2:40:18 – Intermission 2!
2:40:35 – Josh begins a sordid tale of post-college vaccum salesmanship.
3:00:33 – As punishment for breaking the three hour mark, the Podcast Gods transform Brandon into a frog.

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6 comments on “JKP! Ep.70: Crazies vs. Crazies

  1. forums!

    i dont even play video games and i would post


    • I understand if you too buys for forums right now. Maybe sometime in the future.


  2. You guys forget about Just Cause 2 which is from Square Enix and Edious I believe


    • We were focusing more on the games that Square-Enix develops internally, since they still consider themselves a developer as well as a publisher, but you bring up a valid point-- we should have also discussed their purchase of Eidos and all of Eidos’ IP’s like Tomb Raider and Just Cause.

      Acquiring and publishing those titles, to me, is Square wanting to have their cake and eat it, too. But it certainly does imply a larger awareness of what’s going on outside of their development bubble.


  3. Tyler May 25, 2011

    I don’t know if full forums are necessary, but a page for off-topic discussions or a place to recommend news or stuff for an upcoming episode could be good.

    I don’t pretend to know the logistics of regulating something like that, but there have been times when I’ve thought about relaying an article or video that I didn’t think warranted an email to the show, but also didn’t have anything to do with the previous episode/discussion.


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