Love theme parks? Then you’ll love this week’s episode. Tom returns from his Florida-voyage to entertain Brandon and special guest Heidi with tales of his Disney-esque/Potter-philiac vacation! All of his theme park adventures are brought to the table, from talking mascots to flying benches and beyond. Then Brandon’s belated excitement for Sonic Generations is finally unleashed! All this, listener emails, and more in a sort-of special, three-hour episode of JKP!

(Apologies for a somewhat belated upload, we hit some technical difficulties along the way. Thanks for your patience! Enjoy!)

Show highlights:

0:02:22 – Tom’s back from vacation! He was at Orlando’s Disneyworld! Share the magic with everyone, Tom.

1:05:42 – Intermission!

1:07:29 – Tom continues painting us a word picture of his vacation, picking it back up with Universal’s Islands of Adventure and, more importantly, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

1:37:50 – Intermission 2!

1:39:21 – Brandon finally releases his pent-up (and apparently contagious) enthusiasm for the officially-announced anniversary title, Sonic Generations.

2:15:27 – Listener Emails! First up is Lee, asking about our varying levels of enthusiasm for the current stable of Summer blockbusters.

2:28:12 – Dennis spills some beans on an alleged new unlockable weapon in Ocarina of Time 3DS. What makes our stalwart crew of this news? Any new takers?

2:35:42 – Brandon wants to wait for Josh and Zack before answering Nik’s email about our best and worst jobs, but Heidi should go ahead and answer! Share with the class, Heidi!

2:39:58 – Phil is quite upset over the lack of respect for two of his favorite games, MGS: Peacewalker and The Third Birthday, simply because they were released as PSP games. Let us share your frustration, Phil. Profiling is wrong!

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3 comments on “JKP! Ep.69: Orlandoverload

  1. Bunny Sara May 17, 2011

    Sooo.. Epcot was totally my favorite land at Disney World as a kid (and still is)… which tells you how much of a nerd I really am. And, Ellen is the host of the energy ride with the dinosaurs. Pretty sure she isn’t in in Spaceship Earth aka the giant golf ball. :B Favorite ride that was ruined by 2 consecutive updates is Journey into the Imagination.. Originally a steampunk-esque acid trip of colors and imagery, now a mostly sterile tour of an “imagination lab” with John Cleese but not very funny. Gives me a big ol’ pouty face.


  2. Tyler May 25, 2011

    when does Heidi get a caricature? or is she not part of the “proud ranks of the reserves”?


  3. Thanks for all the disney/harrypotter world info Tom! We’re actually planning on going this summer ^^


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