Gather your free comics and grab hold of your ear buds as we hurtle through time in a special Thor-centric podcast! The first half sees Brandon and Josh entertaining one another with chit-chat about Star Wars, Dead Rising 2, and pinkeye for sad pirates. Then: three hours winks by in one brief intermission as Brandon, Josh and Zack all see Thor in theaters, then return for an almost-immediate, reactionary review! Note: spoilers abound, so if you want your Asgard experience to be pure and untainted, stay away from the last hour and a half. It’s another week, another typically atypical episode here at JKP… Enjoy!

Show highlights:

0:00:00 – Some early Marvel creator confusion leads rather naturally into a Free Comic Book Day discussion. (Several wrong things are said here. They are corrected later. Wait for it.)

0:08:13 – “Star Wars Day” has also come and gone, along with news about the impending, absolutely ridiculous blu-ray collector’s set.

0:20:20 – And now:  a discussion about pre-emptive Game of the Year decisions/declarations.

0:25:29 – Brandon almost starts up on his thoughts about Portal 2, but quickly derails himself into a description of his vacation in which he got pinkeye. Baaaaad pinkye.

0:31:18 – Josh talks at great length about his latest game of choice, Dead Rising 2.

1:00:06 – Intermission 1!

1:00:34 – Spoiler-Heavy Thor Thoughts! w/ Brandon and Josh!

1:29:31 – Intermission 2!

1:29:53 – Zack is quite smitten with Mortal Kombat.

1:31:39 – Zack initiates a discussion about animated superheroes.

1:38:21 – More Spoiler-Heavy Thor Thoughts! w/ Brandon and Zack, this time!

2:20:22 – We make some Thor comic recommendations for newfound fans who might be looking to continue the hammer-hurling fun.

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10 comments on “JKP! Ep.68: Big Goofy Dinosaur Face

  1. Andrew May 9, 2011

    Wow the sad one piece song was perfect for a sad pirate on the beach


  2. Andrew May 9, 2011

    In response to Josh’s DR2 experience


  3. Hey guys, thanks for posting that Star Wars documentary. I’ve been watching it for the last few hours, it’s amazing. I recommend watching it yourselves if you haven’t already seen it.


  4. I know its corrected later, but….
    By the salty tears of Pendarvis! Josh, I know who you received History of Sequential art lessons from; you were not misinformed. Joe Kirby? I guess partial credit for combining the two creators into one, but that means forgetting about The King. Since I doubt you’ve learned anything post-SCAD more important than the creators of Captain America I can only assume your entire college “education” was a waste of ~80K. For shame.

    The Ultimate Universe started well, and The Ultimates was their strongest book for awhile. Then Jeph Loeb happened. Hopefully they’ll just blank slate it; all that came before is null and void. Acting like nothing ever happened would be the smartest thing Marvel has done in years.


  5. You know whats amazing? my mother LOVED the Thor movie lol. I thought it was ok.


  6. Trent May 16, 2011

    When can we expect the next podcast? I need something to listen to to pass the time at the office :)


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