Nintendo droppin’ bombs and they ain’t care! With the confirmed rumor of a new console announcement impending at this year’s E3, Brandon, Josh, and Tom are now tasked with speculating on the nittiest, grittiest details. Plus, Portal 2‘s potato-fueled ARG is wrinkling some brows amongst the JKP crew. AND, after the intermission, Zack makes his glorious return to the show to regale us with comic book discussions and join in on some listener emails!

Note: Tom’s mic gave out immediately after the intermission, but the discussions that follow are made much funnier as a result. Enjoy!

Show highlights:

0:00:37 – Some quick thoughts on Batman: Live!

0:03:39 – Valve’s Portal 2 related “Potato Sack” ARG fell short of a sensation, but was/is it without merit?

0:19:48 – Spoiler warning: this part is a discussion about spoilers.

0:28:50 – Talk about a megaton: This year’s E3 will bring with it a new Nintendo console, rumored to be fully HD and completely, surreally badass. Let the speculation begin!

1:14:41 – Intermission! featuring Guitar vs. Chip by show-favorite artist FantomenK

1:16:27 – Zack is back!

1:17:52 – Zack has also made some recent comic purchases for stunningly low prices, a few of which he’s turning around and offering to the currency-burdened public! (Check out his eBay auction for Amazing Spider-Man #300 signed by Todd Macfarlane!)

1:28:48 – Marvel’s big summer event is “Fear Itself” and it sounds cool!

1:50:08 – DC’s big summer event is “Flashpoint” and it sounds not-as-cool! By a wide margin!

2:00:00 – Listener emails! Nik is up first, with a cryptic message for Tom and an inquiry about the future of consoles for Nintendo and beyond.

2:07:37 – Frequent guest and master propsmith Harrison writes in with some cruel words for us after last week’s Kinect discussion…

2:12:42 – As Tom takes off, Jeff writes in to reprimand us for the treatment of fellow emailer Jimmy during our March 26th episode (Brandon says 24th, oops). The situation is analyzed in full detail. Perhaps too much detail?

2:19:34 – Billy asks about how games bring people together and asks us to make Mega Man funnier! Oh my god, Billy, your wish is our command.

Extra Note: Alex, your email was read but a technical glitch in the recording means we’ll have to wait until next week’s episode to reply to it! Our apologies– stay tuned!

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8 comments on “JKP! Ep.66: The Return of Episode Five

  1. Andrew Apr 19, 2011

    Hurray for the return of Z-Man


  2. Ricky Apr 19, 2011

    (Looks at this weeks banner) So… Nintendo’s new console is the matrix of leadership from Transformers?
    Where the hell is the SD card slot?


  3. Tyler Apr 19, 2011

    Oh god! I didn’t take last week’s cliffhanger seriously enough. I cried when Zack showed up, I swear to god I did (I didn’t).

    Please don’t leave us again, Zack, because I know you read these comments diligently. I feel so safe and warm cradled by your strong yet sensitive voice.


  4. my face melted(smiled really hard) when I heard zack=)


  5. Hey, remember how Tom wanted portal posters from the comic? well it exists:

    Also, too awesome:


  6. Billy Apr 21, 2011

    I haven’t laughed so hard in such a long time. I would totally play those versions of Dead Space and Mario. Holy crap I almost crashed while driving from laughing so hard.

    Also, as of this post, happy birthday, Tom.


  7. Danny Apr 25, 2011

    It’s time to post something new. I’m tired of visiting this site and seeing “The Return of Episode 5” as the newest post. Please post something soon, I have limited internet at work, and this is one of the only “fun” sites that I can visit.


  8. I’m with Danny, it’s time for a new podcast or review.


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