The newest teaser trailer for Sonic’s 20th Anniversary title has Brandon in a frenzied state, so it falls to Tom and Josh to lower his expectations in this week’s special-but-regular-but-sort-of-special episode. Join our new/regular trio for a discussion on Sonic’s past, the Kinect’s future, the new Portal comic, and more! Plus, listener emails!

Show highlights:

0:01:33 – America’s government threatened to shut itself down for the first time since the  mid-90’s on Friday, narrowly-averting an absolutely hilarious and pathetic national crisis. A nation of cynical satire-writers mourns the loss, we’re sure.

0:04:45 – SEGA obscurely released the teaser trailer for this year’s rumored ‘Sonic Generations’ title. Brandon is quite eager to explain why this is exciting. (That Sonic ’06 Goon rundown is available here…)

0:44:52 – The trio discusses Microsoft’s Kinect and its potential future…

0:57:25 – Intermission! (brought to you by Liam Lynch and his United States of Whatever)

0:59:06 – Finally, some “official” clarification on the SSFIV Arcade DLC release.

1:01:35 – Tom both read and enjoyed the officially sanctioned Portal Comic, which leads to some general Portal 2 excitement.

1:15:31 – Josh is tentatively excited for an impending Xbox Avatar RPG maker and has a group proposal…

1:26;19 – Listener emails! Brittany kicks off this segment with some generous praise (and a warning for potential listeners) as well as a question about our preferred brand of game music.

1:41:47 – Andrew writes in to ask about “anonymous” and their threatened attack on Playstation HQ & Sony.

1:53:02 – “Long-time listener, first-time writer” Justin chimes in on Harrison’s guest appearances…

1:55:36 – Donny inquires about the potential future of Playstation, Microsoft, and Nintendo consoles.

2:15:11 – Nik the Unpronounceable fills us in on his nation of origin and gives us a bit of background.

This week’s outro music is a special remix of the Spring Yard Zone, brought to you by RAC

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3 comments on “JKP! Ep.65: Sonic’s Son General

  1. Tyler Apr 11, 2011

    hell of a cliffhanger this week!

    also, yeah it did take me a while to write a review, but in my defense ITunes never posted the one I wrote originally for some reason, and I wrote that one shortly after I started listening…so I don’t know what happened there.

    great episode as always. Sonic Team always makes me sad to think about because I picture it as you said: They’re just people who want to make cool things and make other people happy, but they’re just so damn bad at it.


  2. Danny Apr 12, 2011

    Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition will not be “download only”, Capcom is also releasing a disk version of the game.I have proof, just click on the link below.


    • Tom and I were just discussing that this morning. With that official confirmation having landed today, you can be sure we’ll address it in this coming weekend’s recording.


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