JKP Bulletin: No Podcast This Week

April 26, 2011

A strange combination of birthdays, messianic resurrections, and swollen throats (no direct correlation) muddled up the atypically busy weekend, and attempts at a late recording have been nixed due to shifting work schedules.

Sorry, Danny and Ryan.

The good news (if you’re Nik) is that Tom will be hosting the next episode as I’ll be away for the weekend. Josh will likely join in, as well as a potential guest, which is good as there’s a shitload of news, rumors, and releases to cover.

I know we have some regular visitors, listeners, and readers who are always asking/demanding for more content, which is always an uncomfortable compliment as it indicates that our current content is mightily enjoyable but not substantial or prominent enough for some. The reality of the situation is that we, as I so often find myself saying, are just four three dudes. We all have demanding jobs that take up a substantial amount of our time. Tom and I aren’t looking to sacrifice our careers to spend more time cracking wise about video games, as we already get compensated generously for being creative for other people. Josh just picked up some additional freelance work, himself, so his time to screw around has been diminished, as well.

Thank you for sticking with us and being regular listeners. We’re sorry if this is disappointing to you, but this is a passion that we entertain when it’s convenient to do so– and, occasionally, even when it isn’t– because it’s fun for us and we find the small audience that we have incredibly flattering and encouraging.

On that note, Josh has three articles in the works, simultaneously, in varying states of completion. I’ve let him know that, at this point, I’ll approve and publish photos of his dick just so long as it actually makes it onto the web site.

So stay tuned for photos of Josh’s dick, I guess. EXCLUSIVE CONTENT.

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8 comments on “JKP Bulletin: No Podcast This Week

  1. Tyler Apr 26, 2011

    It is both reassuring and heartening to know that as well as providing me my fix on comic, cartoon, movie and video game commentary, the steadfast men of JumpKickPunch! are now willing to shoulder the burden of my pornographic needs as well.

    you guys are Gods among men, no foolin’


  2. well if zack wasn’t sticking around for every episode, I guess somebody has to make the penis jokes (or pictures).
    also I would like to add that I don’t really care if the site is only about podcasts, as there are too many sites dedicated to do everything, but if you guys happen to do a review, rant or whatever every so and so….just don’t kill yourself doing them=)


  3. When can we expect the next podcast, review, or article from you guys? I’m not demanding any of them like some other fans, I’d just like a rough time window of when we can expect upcoming content.


    • Next Podcast: Best-case scenario, Monday evening. Tom’s trying to schedule his recording for Sunday.

      Next Article: Whenever Josh finishes any of his current three. (I have a couple items in the works, as well.)

      Next Review: Probably Portal 2. Probably soon. Next week, most likely.


  4. Thanks Brandon, I’m looking forward to all of it.


  5. Andrew Apr 28, 2011

    I found this and had the thought the young boy looked a tad like zack and then I thought WHOA what if this was like the moment Zack became Zack. It kind of makes sense


  6. Kevin May 2, 2011

    I’m not gonna lie, I’m really excited about the new podcast,I really hope it comes out today.


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