JKP: Doin’ it LIVE. (and more!)

March 14, 2011

We’ve been listening. We know you want more content. So we’re working on bringing it to you. In the coming weeks we will have more video content of games we are currently playing, as well as possible video reviews of new/old games games.

That all means… something…

I recently purchase a Hauppauge HD PVR to bring streaming/live content, as well as help with these video reviews, and I’m sure JKP will think of more ways to use it as time goes on. For the time being, we will be streaming content, trying to find the best way to get it to you.

To watch the streams, follow us on Twitter (@JumpKickPunch) to receive updates on the live streams and bookmark http://www.justin.tv/jumpkickpunch.

I will not be posting here every time I play live, and if you’d like to see certain games, please leave comments and we will try to accommodate this.

In the future we hope to give you content with live commentary, but doing this will require even more equipment… but it will happen. Soon. Until then…

This is what I do…

And yes, I know not all of you like Halo, but tonight is when the new maps come out. So it’ll be streamed sometime this week. I’ll have a “One-Two” posted tomorrow. But trust me, that is not the only thing I will be streaming.

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18 comments on “JKP: Doin’ it LIVE. (and more!)

  1. Why am I not surprised it was Halo?


  2. Not to be a dick, but watching Tom play video games is not “new content”. The last thing we wanted when we said we wanted “new content” is Tom playing Halo: Reach. I don’t even want to “play” Halo: Reach, much less watch Tom play it. I may not speak for everyone, but I’d like more game, comic, and movie previews and reviews. A webcomic would be a cool idea too, but watching Tom play Halo is kind of sad.


  3. It’s not you Tom, so please don’t take it personally. I just don’t want to watch anyone play video games for an hour.


  4. Riley Mar 15, 2011

    Ok, I’ve stayed quite for long enough. I’ve been following JKP since October. I feel like this website is finally starting to turn into a really diverse and interesting place for gamers and comic fans to visit. The only thing that’s holding this site back is the lack of diverse content. In the last month, the content on Jumpkickpunch has been getting better, but it could improve. My friend Tara works for Destructoid and makes $60,000 a year writing articles for them.

    She worked there back in 2005 when it was just a non-profit site that was only run by five people. Now everyone on that site is making 50 plus thousand a year….just by working on that site. Tara doesn’t write opinion articles, she just covers the gaming news, and then posts it on the front page. Everyone on JKP could quit their day jobs if this site could get enough readers. The only way JKP will ever be a financial self sustaining site, is if you post more news stories (i.e. game and movie previews) like Destructoid. Obviously this site doesn’t just cover video games, so if you could post news stories ranging from comics to television, that would be a huge step for this site. In order to get traffic to this site, you need to have daily content. A news story (or three) a day will bring in a lot of people, and then, before you know it, this site will be financially funning itself (i.e. REAL ads).


  5. Danny Mar 15, 2011

    Keep up the good work guys! The more content the better!


  6. Andrew Mar 15, 2011

    Hehehe Tom is playing “Gay Hole: Breach” and recorded it!! I just wanted to call it “Gay Hole: Breach” this better not cut into podcast time!


    • I think you’re subconsciously trying to tell us something, Andrew. And no, I wont go out with you.


  7. Tyler Mar 15, 2011

    I’m honestly confused when people bitch about how there aren’t “previews” on this site. Why do you feel the need to read the same news everywhere?

    You know that JKP started as 4 dudes that hang out together chatting on a podcast about their common interests, right? Why do you demand that they post regurgitated news stories that can be found on 80 other gaming related sites?

    It’s not like they have any sort of inside sources that would give information not found on the likes of Giant Bomb, Kotaku, Joystiq, Evil Avatar, 1up, Gamespot, Gametrailers, Destructoid, etc.

    I come to JKP for the witty anecdotes, experiences and chemistry between the hosts, and for their discussions on current nerd news. I’m not going to get that in an article written by just one of them. Do I care if they didn’t do a write up when Tom Hardy was announced as Bane? No, i was able to read it on like 30 fucking sites the day it happened. Do I care that they aren’t doing a 3DS unboxing? No, because they’re normal fucking people who don’t get advanced copies of shit.

    I’m sad each week that goes by that they don’t post a podcast because I miss their disscusions and individual takes on current happenings. If I wanted pictures and pointless PR on upcoming games, I’ll read a goddamn GameInformer.


  8. Riley and Tyler,

    I understand where you are both coming from. However, I have to give a slight edge to Riley’s argument. I think the point that Riley, and a lot of other Jumpkickpunch fans including myself are making, is that most people don’t want to visit twenty different websites in one day.

    We only want to visit a few sites a day, and we want Jumpkickpunch to be one of them. I want JKP to replace Giantbomb, Destructoid, and 1up. Jumpkickpunch may be a variety site, but it focuses heavily on gaming. So why can’t we, the fans, get gaming news every now and then from Jumpkickpunch.

    No one is saying that they don’t want any podcasts, but you have to admit, four to five podcasts a month is freaking overkill. Tyler, I know that you love the podcasts, but most of us only “like” them. I personally come to this site for a little bit of everything. Two to three podcasts a month is more than enough as long as there is some other content like news, reviews, and previews in there as well.

    Also, a lot of us have been complaining about the lack of diverse and different content on Jumpkickpunch for over six months now. Brandon is finally living up to his word and giving us what we want, so please Tyler, don’t rain on our parade.


  9. Billy Mar 16, 2011

    I believe the most outstanding difference and charm of JKP is the fact that we get to listen to a group of witty and fun, avid gamers talk about the things we all care about.


  10. Andrew Mar 16, 2011

    I agree with Tyler and Billy!


  11. Danny Mar 16, 2011

    I agree with Riley and Jax!


  12. I agree with EVERYONE!


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