Celebrate 3DS launch week with Brandon, Josh and Tom as they share some hands-on impressions and online reactions before delving into discussions about games old and new, from 3DS launch titles to the now-ancient Dead Space to the relatively dated Enslaved and Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. Plus, an impressive pile of listener emails!

Editor’s note: This week’s podcast is best enjoyed within view of bickering cats.

Show highlights:

0:01:13 – Tom has recruited Brandon for the impending and entirely unnecessary Warrior Dash. Goodbye, Brandon. It was nice knowing you.

0:07:06 – 3DS launch day! Tom;’s held a 3DS in his hands and actually played some games! Let’s talk about the important topics of the day, then, like how Tom is raising his real-life cats.

0:17:35 – Pilotwings Resort, demos, and some suggestions to Nintendo on how best to advertise their new handheld.

0:30:37 – Josh has just gotten his hands on Golden Sun: Dark Dawn for the DS! What’s he think so far, as a fan of the series?

0:47:29 – Josh has also been playing Dead Space! Uh. The… the first one, not the new one.

1:15:38 – Intermission! Featuring “The Massacre,” once again brought to you by FantomenK

1:17:49 – Brandon and Josh discuss the decidedly mixed bag that is last year’s Enslaved

1:34:12 – Cartoon Network and DC are teaming up for a new programming block! Good move, gentlemen. Exciting! Now try not to fuck it up.

1:39:08 – Listener emails! But first, some potentially upsetting news.

1:41:28 – Billy retroactively requests for us to ruin the Soul Calibur series. You got it, Billy.

1:45:50 – Jimmy writes in to ask about a mysterious and uncredited news item he read about Capcom pigeonholing Super Street Fighter IV Arcade exclusively onto home consoles. That’s news to us!

1:49:52 – Sarah writes to ask us for 3DS impressions! Which… we already did. Oops. But hey, a second discussion breaks out anyway.

1:51:55 – Sam asks us which summer movie blockbusters we’re now most excited for! The answer: pretty much all of them, to varying degrees… with one or two exceptions.

1:58:55 – Jon/Talby writes in for advice about listening to podcasts on-the-go. We’re here to help, Talby!

2:12:24 – Angela, Corrie, & Kei ask us about convention plans and contests. Brandon fails just as hard as he can.

2:16:21 – Nik asks us which video game trends we think are the most irritatingly overused and which are the most criminally underused.

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11 comments on “JKP! Ep.63: Flibbitybloo and the Blappy Blaps

  1. @Josh: That is EXACTLY how Enslaved ended. It was a complete WTF moment. Its not so much of an ending…as it just ends.


  2. I’m pretty sure that Jimmy is right about Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition coming out on consoles. I’m not sure if it’s going to be disc only, but it’s definitely coming out sometime in the near future. Capcom will probably release a $10 dlc patch for the regular edition of Super Street Fighter 4, and a seperate $35 disc version of Arcade Edition.





    • Thanks for the links, Alan!

      That certainly validates Jimmy’s report, as well as confirm that as the worst possible decision for Capcom should they announce it officially in early April.


  3. Brandon, the word on the street is that Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition is going to come out in August. It isn’t official, but August is what I’ve heard from several different relatively credible websites.


  4. Anyone who likes Marvels should also look into Ruins. It’s Warren Ellis’ look at the Marvel Universe gone wrong.


  5. nik "the unpronouncable" Maierle Mar 28, 2011

    zack,….the crazy jkp member,….please don’t give up on the podcast please(the disturbing parts of the podcasts are missing=)


  6. …I admit I would buy a DLC pack of Yun and Yang…





    • Oh, hey, me too. Also Josh. DLC isn’t the issue, the real concern would be if Capcom decides to go retail-exclusive with the arcade version, adding a third SKU of SFIV to store shelves and further diluting the player base.

      Also, I owe you an apology! You requested episode-specific music details, and I didn’t follow-through. Was there a specific song you wanted to know the details of?


  7. Billy Mar 30, 2011

    If you guys decide to go through with the Warrior Dash, I will join you! Tell me ASAP what day and time you guys decide to do it.


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