Get ready for a very ANIMATED podcast this week (HA HA, JOKES) as Brandon, Josh and Tom dissect the stronger points of Cartoon Network’s more popular programming and discuss current trends in cable cartoon fare. Don’t worry, things remain totally immature and lowbrow. Also: release-schedule shuffles, superheroines in slutty costumes, and Tom’s regularly-scheduled Halo adoration.

SPECIAL BONUS GAME: Every time you hear the clinkity-clank of a glass jar being emptied, that means Josh is eating another handful of Skittles. See if you can keep count!

Show highlights:

0:02:00 – Gun Loco is cancelled. A moment of silence, if you please.

0:08:30 – Illusion’s “Artificial Academy” game has been delayed. Josh finds the internet’s reaction rather humorous.

0:16:39 – The 3DS is on its way. Which game is everyone going to buy at launch?? THERE ARE JUST SO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM.

0:24:45 – Tom played the new Halo: Reach maps! And he likes Halo! So we talk about Halo.

0:34:34 – Brandon saw Paul, and rather liked it! Why, Brandon? Tell us more.

0:40:05 – NBC’s new Wonder Woman has been revealed in all her costumed glory!

0:53:56 – Intermission! featuring FantomenK’s “Getting Melodies Out Of My Head”

0:56:55 – Cartoon Network has some pretty great shows!

1:22:03 – That new Thundercats show got an official teaser, and it is lookin’ gooooood.

1:25:00 – Sym-Bionic Titan? Also pretty good. Pretty great. Probably going to be cancelled soon, probably, so get it while it’s hot.

1:52:37 – Once again, nerds have ruined things for everyone.

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12 comments on “JKP! Ep.62: Pride & Sadness

  1. I’m more excited about the 3DS, then I am about Super Street Fighter 4 on the 3DS. SSF4 is the only launch game that I want to play (or that’s worth a damn), so I’ve kind of over hyped it in my head. Also, I’ve never really played Super Street Fighter 4, so it’s going to be fun to play it for the first time in 3D on a handheld.


  2. Also, Sym-Bionic Titan is the best action show on TV right now. I can’t say enough good things about that awesome show.


    • Jon aka Talby the British guy Mar 21, 2011

      100% agree with you.


  3. No Zack >:(


  4. The problem w/ Wonder Woman is that they always try to fit the entirety of her existence into every portrayal of her. No one tries to do that with any other 40+ year old character because its impossible to balance all of it and make it cohesive. Wonder Woman is, at her core, super hero Pinocchio, and that needs to be where her franchise starts. That needs to be embraced as a starting point and then build all the other junk(queen, goddess, etc) onto her as the franchise progresses.
    IMO, Warner Brothers should have found a way to work Wonder Woman into Clash of the Titans. Maybe have her get turned to stone by Medusa early in Clash and start Wonder Woman with Hippolyta petitioning the gods to restore her daughter to life. Her movie then is some greek mythology fueled action movie focusing on her wanting to stay a “real girl.” If it does well enough to warrant a sequel then you can bring her into the modern age.
    Maybe the connection should be less firm, but sharing some cast members, costuming and sets would have made the movies less financially demanding and given DC a “we gots teh cross-overs too” banner to fly should Avengers work.

    I’m ashamed of you people. All the comic talk and no one mentioned that Luthor’s theft of forty cakes is now in continuity? I am disappoint.


    • Superman 709


      • Ha, I noticed that earlier in the week and brought it to Josh’s attention. We just rambled loosely and forgot about it during the podcast.

        Obviously I’ll have to fire a few of the newer hires to our research team.

        Brandon, you’re fired.

        Dang it.


  5. My friends response to the Wonder Woman costume: “She looks like she gives lapdances at the back of a Chuck E. Cheese.”


  6. I understand that everyone on this site has day jobs, so I hate to be the one to complain, but it’s been almost a week since anything was posted on this site. Please post something soon.


  7. Danny Mar 26, 2011

    When is the new podcast, article, or review coming? I agree with that guy Tony, it’s been a while since this site has posted anything.


  8. Welp…Sym-Bionic Titan just bit it. Apparently it wasn’t renewed due to a lack of toy connection or some shit. Hopefully Gendy will get better treatment at Sony Animation.


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