JKP Call to Arms: Zelda’s 25th @ E3 2011

March 29, 2011

As you’re probably well aware, 2011 marks the 25th anniversary of the Legend of Zelda franchise.

Whether you’re a fan of the series or not, LoZ is an undeniable archetype that has, more than once, broken the mold and inspired countless developers and franchises. Last year the Super Mario Bros. series received its quarter-centennial laurels, and now everyone’s favorite mute, pointy-eared hero is due for his moment in the sun.

Skyward Sword, ambiguously scheduled for release later this year, is sure to have a dedicated and assumedly prominent presence at E3 2011, but simply looking forward to the next release won’t do for a proper franchise celebration. Fans are undoubtedly going to want to see some Hyrulian fireworks both onstage and on the show floor that’ll inspire nerd-boners for days and days.

Alright, enough beating around the bush. Here’s the deal:

We want to know what you think would be the perfect way for Nintendo to celebrate 25 Years of Legend of Zelda at E3 2011.

Think of a perfect way to celebrate the legend of The Legend of Zelda with other fans of the series at one of the world’s most widely-broadcasted video game expositions! Do you hope to see a montage of fans sharing their favorite Zelda experiences? Actors playing out famous battles from the franchise? Miyamoto in a Tingle costume playing an ocarina for three straight hours? The sky’s the limit.


Sometimes literally.

Your idea can cover any and all corners of Zelda fandom and can span the entirety of the Zelda universe, from Aryll to Zora, just so long as the concept is suitable for an onstage press conference or extended display on the show floor. Of course, you don’t have to be sincere about it– entertaining yet impossible (or dangerously inappropriate) concepts are welcome, as well.

Email your concepts and ideas to podcast@jumpkickpunch.com and we’ll share them during the recording of what is sure to be a very special podcast, due for recording this coming weekend.


The reason this is a “call to arms” rather than a contest is simple: there isn’t going to be a first place or a grand prize. So, why are we doing this? Let’s just say that sometimes dreams come true. As mentioned before, these will, at the very least, be sorted through and shared in next week’s podcast. Spread the word, tell your friends, help dream up a tribute worth remembering! Until then, here are a couple of Zelda-related highs and lows from previous E3’s to get you started:

E3 2004: Untitled Gamecube Zelda Debut Trailer/Announcement

[vsw id=”6pB647PE-80″ source=”youtube” width=”640″ height=”510″]

E3 2010: Skyward Sword Live Gameplay Demonstration

[vsw id=”K4XpGnegMns” source=”youtube” width=”640″ height=”390″]

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5 comments on “JKP Call to Arms: Zelda’s 25th @ E3 2011

  1. YES! New Content is always welcome!!


  2. I found a funny video of Miyamoto hosting a Japanese gameshow. I’ll post the video below.



  3. I think a fan montage would be great. You could even show segments of what people are talking about from various games with the person’s voice over (you wouldn’t have to worry about people being camera shy). You could have catagories; best memory, most funny, most frustrating (water temple!) ect.


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