March 7, 2011

Brandon & Josh’s New Pokémon Rundown, Pt. 3

The final chapter!

Celebrate release week with Brandon and Josh as they wrap up their expert (pffsh) analysis of Nintendo’s new stable of fighting animal-not-animals.

Things get extra ridiculous as we approach the end of the list, topped by the oh-so-easy-to-mock Legendary Pokémon of this generation. Since these critiques were filmed way back in September, the Japanese names might seem out-of-place amidst the torrent of POKÉCITEMENT that is Black & White release week. For anyone curious as to the full list of english names, look no further! (Don’t worry, they’re Serebii-confirmed.)

These have been fun, and I am definitely interested in doing more of them for other franchises in dire need of design-related research and investigation.

Enjoy, Poké-nuts!

Josh’s Personal Roster:

Brandon’s Personal Roster:

Special Runner-Up:

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6 comments on “Brandon & Josh’s New Pokémon Rundown, Pt. 3

  1. Jon aka Talby the British guy Mar 7, 2011

    hahahahha loved it. Thanks for wrapping this up.
    What would Chairs attacks be.. Splinter? Uncomfortable? Woodworm?

    btw, nice triple tom.


  2. Tyler Mar 7, 2011

    Ah! Ghost Robot rears it’s ugly head yet again to taunt the JKPrs! It’s super effective!

    also, Metal Gear is exactly what I’m calling that little gear bitch when i catch one


    • Metal Gear? It can’t be!

      (had to do it, couldn’t help myself)


  3. Andrew Mar 10, 2011

    Medal Beer? Greg Kinear? Kettle Fear?


    • Greg Kinnear uses Daytime Emmy. Its not very effective.


  4. D:


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