Do you feel that? The winds have shifted. Animals howl and the ocean boils. Life itself grinds to a sudden halt as the universe cracks open and a new power, crackling with the mysterious energies of a thousand worlds, emerges. The normal rules of time and space do not apply. Everything you know has changed.

It’s Z-Time.

On this week’s incredibly special episode, Zack shows mankind the true meaning of love and makes every fan’s dreams come true, probably, maybe, by assuming near-total control of the podcast. Brandon, Josh, and Tom are all along for the ride as the Big Zed guides them through the conversational wilderness of distant grade school memories, an impressive series of “versus” scenarios, listener emails, voicemails, and the invention of “pre-fun fun.”

Show highlights:

0:01:19 – Brace yourselves: Zack is beginning the show.

0:04:19 – At Zack’s command, Josh has an important news story to bring to the table.

0:08:18 – Zack has a real-life scenario for Tom? I think? And also he hates Metropolis and Lucy Liu? But loves Csmeron Diaz?

0:17:06 – Zack’s attempt to answer Nik’s introductory email results in the worst/best/worst game ever: Ruin Each Other’s Favorite Things.

0:39:16 – If it pleases the Zack: Listener Emails! First up is Andrew, who unfortunately asks us to share some Valentine’s Day memories.

1:01:14 – Intermission, brought to you by Less Than Jake!

1:02:56 – Ricky writes in to ask for Zack’s thoughts on an alleged hook-up between Wolverine and sweet, innocent Squirrel Girl. This displeases Zack greatly.

1:06:42 – The first set of Versus! for 2011, now featuring its own well-deserved jingle! This week’s battle scenarios come from Ben & Tyler.

1:33:58 – Brandon suggests checking out Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. This also displeases Zack!

1:42:07 – Listener Voicemails! A mystery caller leave the group a special order.

1:43:30 – Dana calls in with a suggestion for Tom! Sort of.

1:46:41 – And now, a somewhat disturbing conversation about Zack’s computer.

1:51:20 – Hooray, the first half is over! Wait, what? Uh.. alright, well, I guess everyone just talks about shows they want to  recommend and welcome any potential offers of corporate sponsorship.

2:02:13 – Zack bids this week a fond farewell with a clear, concise, and easy-to-understand outro.

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18 comments on “JKP! Ep.58: It’s Z-Time!!

  1. When in doubt I choose to always set default behavior to “bastard.” Others may not appreciate it, but I typically have a better time. At the end of the day my enjoyment is the most important thing.

    Good matches for Squirrel Girl:
    Spider Girl
    Billie Butcher
    Hank Pym


  2. Andrew Feb 10, 2011

    HAH THAT WASNT ME THAT LEFT THE MCDONALDS ORDER! Actually I left a different voice mail over a week ago that seems to have mysteriously DISAPPEARED TOM!! I think Tom did a cover up and didnt play my voicemail!


  3. Andrew Feb 10, 2011

    Hah I didn’t do the McDonalds call you were WRONG- O BrenDON.


  4. nik maierle Feb 10, 2011

    I was also the kid that could draw…everything you talked about, totally true=)
    and whats the name of the animaniacs song in the podcast?
    p.s-in my email I mean’t materialize as in draw…if zack could draw what he mentioned in one of the first episodes for everyone to see(it’s about sonic, with 1 foot in the hole, hulk hogan fighting and something=)


  5. Tyler Feb 10, 2011

    Jesus Christ, guys, how am I supposed to make “best of” compilations next year when you make your whole damn episodes great? Cut the shit.

    By the way, I was contemplating adding CWC to the comic throwdown, but I figured it would end in a stalemate between him and Toriyama, as they both create characters that can do anything.


  6. Ricky Gervais…really?

    Anywho the Wolverine x Squirrel Girl was revealed VERY recently in New Avengers #7. Jessica Jones and Luke Cage hired SG to be the mansions nanny (cuz the needed a super powered person who is good with kids). No sooner did she get the job….than this happened


  7. P.S.

    Dan Slott is awesome. He made me fall in love with She-Hulk :)


  8. Bunny Sara Feb 11, 2011

    Bill Cosby peeing rainbows is probably by the same guy who painted the Olsen twins with dicks ‘n’ rainbows, which lived in the painting department for about a year… wait, did you say NOT to leave messages about dicks? Sorry.


  9. I love you guys. I’ve never laughed so hard listening to three dudes in my life. Keep up the good work fellas! ;)


    • Since we are actually four dudes (for this particular episode, anyway), please let us know which one of us is underperforming so the punishments may be applied accordingly.

      Accordingly means “with bricks.”


      • Tyler Feb 16, 2011

        Probably Zack. Dude needs to start pulling his weight, or he’ll get voted off at the next elimination challenge.


      • Andrew Feb 19, 2011

        I mean I would say Tom, but he has really stepped up his game since he found out how to talk in to the mic louder (just rubbing salt in the wound) But perhaps Josh has been lacking in the Josh Factor lately… So Josh tell Mr. Brick he has a nice figure and maybe he won’t hurt as hard!


  10. Andrew Feb 19, 2011

    Oh and if you enjoyed the Resident Irwin picture that my roommate and I came up with three years ago we made a whole group of them Thats Leon Irwin and we did Jeff Wesker with his diabolical penguin bombs Jane-a Wong and her army of pistol wielding chimps, and last but not least the Krauser Ray.(Knife Included)


  11. Andrew Feb 20, 2011

    Jane-a Wong


  12. Andrew Feb 20, 2011

    The Dreaded Krauser Ray

    We had a short dream of using all of these as a flash game alas none of us bothered to learn flash to make it. We figured Leon Irwin would dodge Krauser Rays and bosses would be Jane-a Wong and Jeff Wesker. The idea steamed from the loss of amazing crocodile hunter Steve Irwin to the fatal sting ray, and almost immediately after Jeff Corwin was posed in all the animal planet ads that had steve in them before so clearly it was his diabolical plot to overthrow steve. I hope you enjoy!


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