With the gang’s regular recording plans suddenly and unexpectedly destroyed by surprises and inconveniences, Brandon and Tom make an urgent attempt to reach out and touch each other through the power of words and technology. Not in a dirty way, though. Strictly business! Specifically, business pertaining to Sony’s next handheld, Bulletstorm, Venom, Wonder Woman, and some Listener Emails!

Show highlights:

0:01:40 – Sony has officially (and finally) unveiled the PSP2, which is apparently not named the PSP2 and is codenamed the NGP? How lame is that? Very? Question marks? But hey, let’s talk about the reveal in excruciating detail!

0:31:34 – Bill O’Reilly is very confused! About the Moon! C’mon. I mean, c’mon.

0:33:51 – Tom and Brandon proceed to get lost in conversation, resulting in cicadas, robots and cyborgs. Also, cyborg robots.

0:37:08 – B&T have had a bit more time with the Bulletstorm demo, and it’s pretty great, actually!

0:40:23 – Suddenly, Intermission!

0:42:56 – The Bulletstorm discussion continues. Shootan. Kickan. Dick-titsan. Etc. Also, DUTY CALLS!

0:47:45 – MvC3 is ever-so-close to release, which means leaks are running rampant on the Internet.

0:50:35 – SPOILER about MvC3’s final boss, despite that being inconsequential and despite every other site reporting on it and despite us having talked about it already in earlier episodes.

0:52:03 – Marvel’s passing the Venom legacy on to a new character, and we SPOIL who it is! (Hint: it’s not very cool or interesting. And also he looks terrible.)

0:58:00 РThere may very well be a new Wonder Woman TV show coming! And it sounds mired in feminism and female empowerment, but the really bad  kind? Girl power, yeahhh!

1:05:14 – Listener Emails! First up is a gaggle of emails from Nik concerning rumors of a Facebook-branded phone and an interesting suggestion for our next episode!

1:15:46 – Tyler writes in to let us know that Part 2 of his “Best of JKP Year One” series is finished and online! You’re awesome, Tyler. Thanks!

1:17:14 – Heidi writes in to make sure we saw the new Volkswagon commercial starring a pint-sized Darth Vader! Fricking. Adorable.

1:21:15 – J. Talby tweets in to ask for our thoughts on Collector’s Editions!

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8 comments on “JKP! Ep.57: Half-Machine, Half-Cyborg, All Heart

  1. Andrew Feb 5, 2011

    Its always a sad day when you guys can’t get all together!


  2. Andrew Feb 5, 2011

    You know what the new venom looks like to me… Venom/Dead Pool


  3. My user wants me to go after the NGP! -Kevin Flynn


  4. Its a damn shame they can’t make Wonder Woman work. Xena, Buffy, and Alias are all fairly recent shows that “prove” that the “female action show” can work. Sadly Wonder Woman is one of those characters who is crushed by her history, cultural changes and expectations of the fans. The end result is an overwhelmingly bland “character.”
    Recently my daughter and I were walking past a bunch of DC character toys she was naming off all of them, even some of the more ones obscure(Grodd, Gentleman Ghost, Raven, Starman(Ted and Jack) and “Black Green Lantern”), but when she got to Wonder Woman she was stumped and called her “girl.” I decided to reinforce that behavior and bought her some candy.


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