JKP Bulletin: We Are Bad at This Again

February 24, 2011

Another attempt at podcasting went down in flames last night after Josh got called in to work unexpectedly. Tom has had a dedicated Wed. night event that’s always kept him busy those evenings and Zack just wasn’t up for recording. If ever you needed a definitive example of how rag-tag our little crew and operation are, this would be it.

As much as I’m sure you would all enjoy “The Brandon Show Starring Brandon” (hi Heidi), having only one out of four podcasters wouldn’t make for a very good episode. I’m reevaluating our recording schedule plans to try and figure out how to avoid these scenarios as best we can in the future.

For now, though, Tom and I will be recording this Friday after work and I’ll try to get Josh involved, as well– no promises there, unfortunately. Zack’s out, as he has a prior weekly commitment on Fridays.

Leonardo out.

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18 comments on “JKP Bulletin: We Are Bad at This Again

  1. In 2011 you’ve failed at recording more than the entirety of 2010. Not a condemnation or complaint, just some JumpKickTrivia.


  2. Tyler Feb 24, 2011

    That’s it! I’m never coming to this stupid site ever again! Wahhhhh!


  3. Also Sarah Feb 24, 2011

    Where is the Sexy T-rex? First site maintenance promised me a Sexy T-rex, and now, not only is there no episode, there is no Tyrannosaurus. :( Can’t wait till yall are back at full nerd strength!


  4. Andrew Feb 24, 2011

    Anyone else feeling a large urge to punch babies in the face… I blame JKP for this urge! Think of the babies JKP. Every episode that gets missed gets ten babies punched in the face!


  5. I was also psyched up for the Sexual Tyrannosaurus and am disappointed by its notable absence. Not that the poor schmuck unable to control his limes isn’t funny. He is, but not nearly as funny as a Sexual Tyrannosaurus…Unless he is the Sexual Tyrannosaurus and he’s unable to control his limes with his tiny T-rex arms. Do Tyrannosaurus even like limes?


  6. sad face=(


  7. also here is an idea….if its long enough,include what you recorded, before or after the podcast you are going to do…kinda like, we tried and failed in a way=)


  8. or if there is just one of you how about having a guest star, that can fill in the spot.


    • The difficulty I would have with that, from my angle, is that these cancellations or unexpected drop-outs occur at the last minute. That makes it hard to suddenly find someone who is ready, willing and able to show up and spend roughly three or four hours recording a podcast.

      I try to schedule these things as far out as I can, but it’s hard to nail this stuff down when I’m up against shifting work schedules or a simple lack of enthusiasm. Weekly recordings are certainly more of a priority for some than they are for others.


      • Tyler Feb 25, 2011

        Heidi’s not interested in pinch-hitting? Like in the “Lost” and “Scott Pilgrim” episodes?


        • this is kinda an idea…what if like now, nobody has time, but you lets say post on twitter, that you need somebody to fill the spot and a listener would fill that spot for that day/hour. but this is your podcast, so getting some random person to join would kinda be…strange and risky, if they start trolling and it becomes a joke more than anything


  9. Danny Feb 25, 2011

    I really like this website, I visit it about twice a week. So please don’t take my advice the wrong way, because I very much like JKP. But… I think it’s time for less podcasts, and more everything else. It’s time for more videos, movie and game reviews/preivews, comedy articles, and maybe even a web comic. Isn’t this site made up of artists? How hard would it be to make a weekly web comic? I’d even take a webcomic twice a month at this point. I like the podcasts, I just think four to five podcasts a month is overkill. Two podcasts a month, along side some different and diverse content will bring new people to the site. There are thousands of podcasts on the web, but this is the only place I can visit that has terrible cutscenes, sibley put, and the new pokemon rundown.


    • actually….I like the fact that there is a podcast every week as I finish listening to it in a day or two…but “forcing” them to do what they can’t or don’t want…not the best way in my opinion. and about game reviews, there are thousands of them and this would just be a statistic, unless if the review was like over the top funny or maybe a comic…something unique basicly


  10. Bunny Sara Feb 25, 2011

    I think the question should not be where is the sexual tyrannosaurs, but instead.. where is teh Predeterrss.. pregators.. preddators..? you get the idea.


  11. James Feb 26, 2011

    Don’t be disheartened guys, I can wait another week. Lives take precedent over hobbies, and I understand that’s all this is. A hugely entertaining endeavour of a hobby that obviously has a whole heap of love and thought, time and effort put into it; but a hobby nonetheless.

    When you succeed in matching all your various busy, eclectic schedules together, I’ll be here, on the other end of the ether, waiting with baited breath for the laughter and tears to flow, and life will be good.

    Keep up the effort boys, I appreciate and, more importantly I’m sure, enjoy it!


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