JKP Bulletin: Surprise, No Podcast This Week

February 16, 2011

Sorry, fellers. The stars are not in alignment, apparently, and you know how we depend upon that for our recordings. Two of us are busy working absurdly late every night and one of us has plans until the weekend.

At that rate, podcasting is basically a lost cause, especially when it could end up sabotaging next week as well.

Never fear, though; tomorrow brings a special treat (your mileage may vary) and parts 2 and 3 of the State of the Bluenion are going up today and Friday, respectively. Regular recordings will, stars willing, pick up again next Tuesday for what we intend to be a Thursday release.

Try reading a book, I hear those are pretty good. You know, if you’re into that sort of thing. Nerd.

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4 comments on “JKP Bulletin: Surprise, No Podcast This Week

  1. Tyler Feb 16, 2011

    What about those of us who have read every book? Hmm? Do you not care about us, Brandon?


  2. nik maierle Feb 17, 2011

    yeah what he said:D


  3. Gentlemen, please.

    If you have read every book, truly EVERY book, then you possess supernatural and inhuman comprehension skills and are also obviously Johnny 5 from ‘Short Circuit’ 1 & 2 and in that case will you be my best friend?


  4. Johnny 5 Feb 22, 2011

    Dearest Brandon,
    Considering how you’ve dissed my buddy R.O.B in the past, I just flat out have to say: go to hell

    Johnny 5


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